The New Singha Ride At Siam Park

Mon, August 3rd, 2015 - By Colin

Anticipation always adds to the enjoyment of a special treat. That’s how it was seven years ago as Tenerife awaited the opening of Siam Park in Costa Adeje and I had that feeling again as I queued for the new Singha thrill ride.


Siam Park


I had a pre-opening tour in 2008 as the park neared completion. There were big plans back then to expand onto the surrounding space and over the years new arrivals like the Sawasdee children’s area, and the Kinnaree ride have added extra incentives to board the free pick up buses from Playa de Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Fañabe. The recent opening of the Siam Mall commercial centre has complemented the search for thrills with retail adrenaline on a lavish scale.


Jungle Snake, Siam Park


On this occasion my mind was on the 240 metre long downhill toboggan slalom with 14 changes of direction. I arrived just after the 10am opening in peak summer season and joined the upward walkway at the 45 minute waiting point. There were few clues on what to expect apart from the sound of sloshing water and squeals of delight. The fine spray of displaced water from over the wall was very welcome and I even managed a sweet smile for the trickle of keen riders passing by wearing their 15 euro fast track wrist bands.


Kinnaree, Siam Park


The information boards at the bottom of the ramp clearly show Singha as one of their most extreme thrill fests but there was a good spread of ages around me as the rock anthems pounded out of strategically placed speakers. Rounding the last turn I was at the launch platform and could see eager riders slipping into the two and three person yellow inflatable toboggans. After offering the choice to a lone female rider I accepted the front seat with the big tube opening facing me, a slight dip and we hurtled down.

The twists and turns started immediately, some pushing us in an upward direction before heading down and round again. Water jets sprayed from all sides and the sense of speed was intoxicating, the final steep descent propelled us out into a wide pool where the lifeguard was ready to help us out. Yep, I was soaked but definitely buzzing.


Singha Ride, Siam Park


Of course there were other old favourites to visit, a couple of spins around the lazy course of the MaiThai River was a mellow follow up before upping the mood again on the Jungle Snake, and Mekon Rapids. The Lost City was a magnet for families, especially when the giant bucket tipped and showered those below. It’s the range of rides that has helped to earn Siam Park the Trip Advisor accolade of World’s Best Water Park. The Singha looks set to take its place alongside the 28 metre drop Tower Of Power as one of the high octane favourites but I noticed a digger clearing and leveling a large plot of land on the edge of the park, there’s still more to come.

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