The Simple Task of Parking on Tenerife

Fri, September 5th, 2014 - By Jack Montgomery

Tenerife’s landscapes range from dense pine forest to ‘out of this world’ volcanic plains. Its towns and resorts cover a spectrum from new purpose built resorts to historic towns that have existed for five centuries. Its restaurants dish up everything from some of the most basic food you’re likely to see on a plate to gastronomic creations that seem more art than food.

It’s an island of striking diversity… and that applies to finding parking places as well.

This is our guide to where to park in various locations across Tenerife.


Parking at Corpus Christi, La orotava, Tenerife


Tenerife’s Cities
If you’re willing to invest time negotiating one-way systems and exploring busy streets in the hope of finding a free (in both meanings of the word) parking space then you might get lucky. But life’s too short. In Santa Cruz we always head straight to the car park beneath the bus station. It’s easy to get to whether coming from north or south, close to the city centre, modern and bright and it’s relatively cheap. There are loads of spaces, even during carnival when the streets in the centre have been gridlocked.
La Laguna can be a nightmare to get through, but not if you use the ring road and come in from the Anaga side. The road leading to the agricultural market is good, even if it’s a bit of a judgement call deciding when to park. However, there’s also a car par beneath the market, which removes the need to drive through those lovely, but extremely narrow, old streets.


Car Park, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Historic Northern Towns
In some ways the most frustrating of the lot when it comes to parking. La Orotava, Los Realejos, Tacoronte, Güímar, Puerto de la Cruz can all be a confusing mix of one-way systems that change due to road works or a politician’s whim. There are ‘secret’ places in each, but directing people to them is almost impossible. Easiest is Puerto de la Cruz where the harbour car park is huge and free. With the others the rule of thumb is the further away from the town centre, the more chance of finding a space. Otherwise, follow the P signs.


Ferry parking, Los Cristianos, Tenerife


In theory there are plenty of free parking spaces in resorts, but the fact that most are filled from early morning by people working in the tourist industry often means a shortage for visitors. Big resorts are ‘added to’ without any real thought to logical road layouts which means driving between the likes of Puerto Colón and Del Duque in Costa Adeje can be bewildering. Even the bus route is bizarre.
Smaller resorts like Playa de la Arena are more visitor friendly, but it’s not always a given e.g. Los Gigantes. With resorts, the further from the coast and busy beaches you are, the easier the parking should be.


Parking by the beach, Punta del Hidalgo, Tenerife


Southern Hill Towns
Simply a joy to park in. Generally speaking there are far fewer locals than in their northern equivalents and usually plenty of parking spaces. However, there are exceptions (Granadilla de Abona).

Once away from the bigger towns/resorts life on the road gets much easier and finding parking in rural areas is a stress free business.

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