Does Siam Park Live up to its Hype as Tenerife’s Most Exciting Attraction?

Fri, March 4th, 2011 - By Jack Montgomery

The Tower of Power may be enough to make the heart pound and the knees tremble looking at it from the safety of terra firma. But standing on the edge of its water shoot, looking 28 vertical metres straight down into a pool of piranha fish I can assure you is much, much more terrifying.


At this point I have to hold my hands up; as the PR girl who was showing me around smiled and said ‘now it’s your turn’ I replied with a genuinely relieved. ‘Sorry, forget to put my swimming trunks on…maybe next time?’

Quite rightly, the fearsome white knuckle rides get pride of place when it comes to talking about Siam Park located near the resorts of Costa Adeje, Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos and just down the hill from Chayofa. As well as the Tower of Power there are plenty of wonderful looking and nerve-testing attractions to bring out the Indiana Jones and Lara Croft in water babies of any age.

The Dragon looks fantastic and being spewed out of a tunnel into his lair results in screams that are two parts delight, one part unadulterated fear whilst the Jungle Snake, Mekong Rapids, Volcano and Naga Racer all do their bit to keep the adrenalin factor sky high.

For anyone not turned on by embracing the fear factor, there’s the option of drifting on the Mai Thai River, lazing on Siam Beach’s white sands or checking out the inhabitants of Sea Lion Island and what’s on offer at the Floating Market.


For younger children, there are the delights of negotiating the watery Lost City and getting drenched by a giant monkey head. Although, the Lost City’s bridges and slides are more often than not populated by parents…just making sure their kids are enjoying themselves clearly.

One of the jewels in Siam Park’s crown is the WOW inducing Wave Palace where human ‘gods’ can create exactly whatever size of wave they want up to 3 metres. As well as being great fun for messing around in, it also attracts top surfers who are guaranteed a perfect wave every time.

That’s the fun parts of Siam Park but what often gets overlooked is how beautiful the place is.

It is 185,000 square metres of lovingly created Thai wonderland in Tenerife. Anyone who’s been to Thailand will recognise the authenticity on display from the exquisitely sculpted Thai palaces to the sloping finials of Thai village huts to the lucky white elephants in the undergrowth. Even if you don’t dip a toe in one of the water rides, Siam Park is a most enjoyable place to visit.


But in the end it’s all about the rides. So does Siam Park live up to the hype?

I’ll let a gasping teenager from the Midlands who’d just literally screamed down the Tower of Power answer that one.


Oh, and if you try to claim you’re too old for such adventure, the oldest person to tackle the Tower was a sprightly ninety year old. There is no excuse…apart, maybe, from forgetting your swimming shorts.

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    siam park was good good water park but i have s een better the best i like about siam park was man made beach with the waves that was probberly the best bit of the day

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