The Fireworks Season on Tenerife

Wed, May 2nd, 2012 - By Jack Montgomery

The boom reverberates across the valley followed by another and another as the night sky goes all Disneyland and glittering gold and purple balls swell and explode in a shower of twinkling jewels. Firework season has begun on Tenerife.



Unlike the United Kingdom where everyone (except dogs, cats and various domestic pets) looks forward to the annual pyrotechnic fest, Tenerife enjoys magical firework displays throughout the year; any time there’s a fiesta in fact. Although you might be lucky to catch a display during any month, it’s hard to avoid missing one if you visit the north of Tenerife between May and September.

The season kicks off in ultra spectacular style with one of the best displays in Europe; a three hour class war with fireworks in Los Realejos on May 3 to celebrate the Fiestas de la Cruz. The battle has its roots in the rivalry between two streets in Los Realejos; Calle del Sol which was populated by the working class and Calle del Medio where landowners and professionals resided. Every year the residents of each try to outdo their neighbours with elaborate and explosive displays… and the rest of us get to enjoy the wild, noisy and visually thrilling extravaganza. As the main firework producers in the Canary Islands, the Toste Brothers have been creating award winning pyrotechnics in Los Realejos since 1788 so an incredible display with a few ‘new’ explosive surprises is always guaranteed.



The booming and aahing doesn’t stop there. Puerto de la Cruz holds its fiestas patronales throughout July – meaning more fireworks; La Orotava has its famous Corpus Christi flower carpets in June followed immediately by a lively romería (both wouldn’t be complete without – you guessed it – more fireworks). Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz celebrates its founding with the May fiestas which lasts for the whole of May and includes lots of reasons to celebrate with the occasional firework display. In fact, every town, village and even street in the north of Tenerife seems to have at least one or two saints to honour during summer months which requires a street party, harvest parade and an obligatory firework display.

The ones in the La Orotava Valley are especially magical as the huge shovel shaped valley creates the perfect natural amphitheatre to amplify the effect of the explosions – especially air bombs which can rattle windows across the other side of the valley. The fact that most of are held in the hills above the north coast means that you can enjoy lots of them from the one spot… if that spot is chosen wisely. The Pomodora restaurant in Puerto de la Cruz is a good place for pizza and pyrotechnics if there are any displays taking place in the hill towns heading east from Santa Ursula.



Whilst the bigger events are usually publicised, some of the smaller ones never are so it’s impossible to say when many of the nocturnal illuminations will take place. For anyone visiting the north of Tenerife over the next few months, the best advice is a line stolen from an old Sci-fi movie. Watch the skies… keep watching the skies. By the way, the night when you’ve got no chance of seeing fireworks on Tenerife is November 5. Remember, remember Guy Fawkes is only known to the Brits.

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