Searching South Tenerife for the Place to Sip a Mojito

Sat, December 13th, 2014 - By Linda

For me a mojito is the quintessential holiday drink, synonymous with sunshine. Stroll along Geranium Walk or any street lined with bars in south Tenerife and you see them advertised between €2.50 and €5, which set me to wondering just how ‘real’ a mojito you get for such a low price.

I decided to do some very pleasant research around my own patch. My aim was to avoid the obvious places, like the vibrant nightspots of Playa de las Americas, and find places where I could sit, sip this iconic holiday drink, and chill.

I began in Las Galletas, near Costa del Silencio, because its promenade is a relaxing place to watch both boats and people come and go. I chose a bar advertising mojitos at €3.50 and settled down in anticipation as the sun began to close in on the horizon.


Faux mojito Las Galletas


Online research confirmed my understanding that the perfect mojito required sugar, mint and pieces of lime to be muddled (love that word) in the bottom of a glass to release the flavours, before filling with crushed ice, white rum and soda water. Simple enough, no? Apparently not.

Our waiter assured us that the mojitos in the Euro Bar were made to order, but even before the first sip the disappointing slice of lemon (not lime) wedged onto the rim of the glass boded ill. Fail number two: mint used as decoration, not muddled.  Fail number three: well, it tasted exactly like a glass of a well-known fizzy lemon drink. Even after quaffing the entire glass there was no pleasant, alcoholic buzz at all. Full marks for the sunset, but only 2 out of 10 for the drink.


Mojitos Playa San Juan


Bypassing the main resorts, I tried almost the other end of the tourist zone at Playa San Juan. Smarter than Las Galletas, a pleasant stroll along the walkway beside the small beach worked up my thirst, and we settled into the comfy, wicker armchairs of the San Juan Beach Bar.  This turned out to be an altogether different experience. Firstly, the ingredients seemed to be all perfectly muddled in the bottom of the glass, and secondly there was a pleasing aroma of rum when I picked up my glass. Something else recipes agree on is white sugar, but here they used brown which brought out the flavour of the rum. It was, however, a bit short on both lime and mint and, at €5, double the cost of my own local.


Resort Mojitos Costa Adeje


Trying to imagine I was on holiday my next stop was the Chiringuito Bar in front of the prestigious Bahia del Duque Hotel. Great place for people watching, and surely, this hub of international tourism would be the place to find a great mojito? Sad to report another fail, and this time for €6.90. Faint aroma of rum, but light on the mint and lime again. Disappointing for an area which is supposed to be a showcase of all that is good about Tenerife tourism. The service was sloppy too.


Moon and Mojitos El Médano


And so, back home to El Médano and Bar Timon, perched on the ocean next to Playa Chica, where the view day or night is to.die.for, the mojitos are the mintiest and most delicious I tried, and I can guarantee that you ‘know’ when you’ve had one! Lucky me!

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4 Responses to “Searching South Tenerife for the Place to Sip a Mojito”

  1. Carolina says:

    I had the same questions several times, when can I enjoy a good mojito in Tenerife? Because everytime I am about to order one in a new place, I am afraid it could be like the ones you tried.

  2. colleen keyes says:

    And no drinking and driving involved. Double whammy!!

  3. David Marley says:

    I totally agree Bar Timon in El Medano,and at 2.50 euros the second one tastes even better !! ( ex Tenerife resident of 12 years )

  4. If you want to experience a mojito prepared to perfection and served in authentic surroundings, I’m afraid there is none to equal the Cuban bar, Azucar, in Puerto de la Cruz. Why do you think the clientele are so good at dancing salsa? 😉

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