Scooters, The Little Bar With A Lot Of Soul

Fri, July 4th, 2014 - By Colin

I thought maybe Los Cristianos had been twinned with Brighton when I first saw a couple of Vespa scooters outside this bar in Funchal. I thought it might be a slice of Quadrophenia just for dedicated converts but visiting on a busy Friday night I found that the music, memorabilia, and company are not just for My Generation.


Scooters, Los Cristianos


Owners Nigel Ross and Paul Waller were keen followers of the scooter scene back in Nottinghamshire but have had their interest revived by a thriving interest across the Canary Islands. Nigel told me“ I bought my blue Vespa P200 over here after coming back for a second spell in Tenerife. It’s 32 years old and needed a lot of work but on a good day can get a decent speed up.” Paul has a red LML Star.


Scooters, Los Cristianos


After a year in the bar they have accumulated posters, models, and bits of old scooters, all brought in by customers who have heard about their love of soul, ska, and above all scooters. The collection covers the walls and adds to the feel of those great times from the 1960’s and the music plays its part, The Who were belting out Squeeze Box when I arrived but were soon followed by Jackie Wilson.


Scooters, Los Cristianos


Scooters is not just a music bar a large TV above the door shows all the big sports events. Nigel was one of the original members of the Armada Sur, the CD Tenerife football Peña (fan club) and with Paul he has formed the Armada Sur Scooter Club. They recently joined other enthusiasts to do a three day trip around Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria starting with an early ferry from Santa Cruz, they even won a prize for the best turned out bikes.

Looking around the bar it was a mix of ages with plenty of younger drinkers getting an insight into the past, the free Wi Fi will soon help them to track down the classic tunes.


Scooters, Los Cristianos


The cocktail menu keeps the theme revving including a Quadrophenia made from amaretto, lime, grenadine, and lemonade, and a Pinball Wizard mixed with peach schnapps, vodka, and blackcurrant. Friday is always a popular day as pints are 1.50 for two, and spirits 2 euros for two. Out front the terrace pulls them in to relax in the sun as the Titsa buses whizz by on the way back from Granadilla, Los Gigantes and all other points that the owners have covered on their mirror loaded bikes. Parkas may not be required in the Tenerife climate but a snatch of Poison Ivy and the whimsical decoration of the toilets made sure I left with another nostalgia trip planned very soon.

Scooters, Carretera General, Funchal, Los Cristianos; open noon to 11 pm every day;  (0034) 691 011 729

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