Sansibar Ajabo Restaurant At Callao Salvaje Beach

Wed, February 12th, 2014 - By Colin

Don’t you hate that trek to fetch some food to the beach, oh yes the whole group want something now you have made the move. Sansibar Ajabo Restaurant in Callao Salvaje has an answer to that, buzzers on the sunshade to call a waiter. It’s something you might expect around the pools of five star hotels in Playa del Duque or La Caleta but I haven’t seen it on a Tenerife beach before.


Sansibar Ajabo Restaurant, Callao Salvaje Beach


You would expect it to cost a suntanned arm and a leg but at the recently renovated beach it is included in the 3 euros you pay for a shade and sun bed. The two tier building at the back of the beach serves snacks downstairs and full meals upstairs and all at great prices.


Sansibar Ajabo Restaurant, Callao Salvaje Beach


I noticed the snack menu on a previous visit, along with drink specials like one euro for a pint and €4.50 for a mojito. Burger and chips for €1.95, sandwiches and baguettes for €3.40 and €2.90 are great family favourites. This time I went for a seat in the circular upstairs area and even got the front row looking directly down to the beach. I played safe and went for chicken breast, chips, and salad, with a soft drink it came to 8 euros and was a good size serving, well presented and tasty. Peeking at a family nearby my eyes bulged at the size of the Sansibar cheese burger at €4.50, a bit of sharing among the younger ones was needed to see it off. Moving on to the starter menu there were squids, prawns, mussels, and peppers. Main dishes included paellas, spaghetti, cuttlefish, steak, and lamb by chops or leg.


Sansibar Ajabo Restaurant, Callao Salvaje Beach


The biggest attraction is the position of the restaurant, there are no other food outlets down at beach level and there is a clear uninterrupted view of the sand and sea. Around the outer edge a wooden covering offers some shade but the main roof folds back to let the sunshine pour in. The decking floor and well spaced layout give it a relaxed feel and the white tables and seating are more stylish than the usual stools and easy wipe covers often found at beach bars.


Sansibar Ajabo Restaurant, Callao Salvaje Beach


A separate waiter, more casually dressed, was delivering the food and drinks to the small round tables attached to the stems of the sunshades on the beach and he was getting plenty of exercise. There was a steady flow of customers, not just beach lovers but walkers taking a break from the coastal path linking to Playa Paraiso and Costa Adeje. Chris Rea wafting out from behind the bar thought he was King Of The Beach but I bet he didn’t have his own buzzer.

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