San Pablo Gourmet Food Market Opens in La Laguna

Fri, January 2nd, 2015 - By Andrea Montgomery

Two months ago La Laguna, the former capital of Tenerife, added another string to its not inconsiderable bow making it an even more attractive city for visitors. Known since the conquest as a city of poets, writers and artists, its obvious attractions have always included stunning architecture, multiple art exhibitions and a thriving tapas scene.


San Pablo Gourmet Food Market


But popping along in between Christmas and New Year, it didn’t take us long to realise that the city’s restaurant scene had taken a new turn for the contemporary. All the old, traditional tascas are still there but now they’re flanked by gourmet food offerings including the hugely attractive and addictive San Pablo Gourmet Food Market.

Housed in a 19th century building with three storeys and an open courtyard, the food market is a stylish mix of contemporary architecture and décor; greenery and 34 food stands offering gourmet food to eat in or take away, cooked or uncooked. There are also five tascas where you can find a superb range of wines and excellent tapas.


San Pablo Gourmet Food Market


It’s all a bit overpowering when you first wander into the market and your senses are pulled in every direction by the tempting sights and smells that assail them. There’s a stall that specialises in olives; large and small, green and black, stuffed with a mind blowing variety of ingredients and naturally, you can try before you buy. Then there’s gourmet tapas; elegant pintxos, sushi, Japanese tempura; specialist seafood and scrumptious cake stands. In between there are wine bars and cocktail bars and most importantly, pristine white tables and counters with swivel chairs for diners to sit and enjoy their food while marvelling at the buzz of activity around them.


San Pablo Gourmet Food Market


Upstairs the choices continue with Indian, Venezuelan, Mexican and Lebanese stands flanked by an American hamburger stand which was doing a brisk trade with the younger members of families. More tables and chairs and big window seats provided more than enough seating for the hungry shoppers who had worked up an appetite flexing their credit cards and were now seeking lunch and a sit down. On the lower ground floor we could see a huge children’s play area but time was a-wasting and we still hadn’t decided what we wanted to eat.


San Pablo Gourmet Food Market


After a great deal of dithering we chose three gourmet tapas dishes of crunchy chicken goujons in red pepper marmalade; potato wedges with mild alioli; and pork steak with mustard on an apple and rosemary cous cous for €10 in total. Each dish was superb. Having polished them off we headed to the first floor for a selection of Indian dishes including onion bajji, lamb kofta, and chicken korma with naan bread for €17 which were actually a bit disappointing and we wished we’d gone for the gourmet pintxos downstairs instead. Finally we returned to the ground floor for another glass of wine at €2.50 and an iced, cinnamon and raisins pastry for €1.


San Pablo Gourmet Food Market


It took willpower of steel to drag ourselves away rather than try another nibble or two and order another glass of vino. This is a brilliant new addition to a city that’s already packed with reasons to visit and it offers diners a huge choice of gourmet dishes to try at affordable prices.

San Pablo Mercado Gourmet, Calle Herradores 59; open Sun-Wed 10am to 11pm, open to midnight on Thursday and to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays

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