Sampling Pancakes at La Bohême

Mon, July 23rd, 2012 - By Colin

Imagine just one pancake day a year to look forward to for the promise of a squeeze of plastic lemon and a sprinkling of sugar. Tenerife has unchained me and La Bohême in El Medano frequently lures me in to experience crepes oozing with cream, chocolate, fruit, fish, and even laced with alcohol.

La Bohême, El Médano


I like to kid myself that my visits are to brush up on my Tenerife geography as many of the dishes are named after places around the island. I could have shown some loyalty and ordered a Los Cristianos crepe featuring cheese, ham, tomato, mushroom, and oregano but the Candelaria is a personal favourite, a bulging pocket of cheese, tuna, cream and lemon or a Masca that swaps the tuna for salmon. Chicken might be more to your liking, if so La Laguna is your spot on the culinary map for a reward of mushrooms, cream, and cheese sharing a crepe with chicken.

La Bohême, El Médano


If that sounds a little self indulgent there is a range of vegetarian crepes like Garachico with cheese, spinach and white sauce or a Guamasa with blue cheese, potatoes, and mushrooms. La Bohême also specialize in salads with big filling bowls of nature’s finest ingredients. Drinks can be traditionally refreshing or there’s a range of organic teas from around the world including jasmine, apple, and Earl Grey.

Whether sitting outside in the busy Calle Paseo El Picacho or in the more intimate inside area there comes a time when you just want to dive into one of their sweet creations exploding with calories. Just a scan along the shelf in the cooking area is enough to get the taste buds standing to attention, nutella, honey, almonds and generous dollops of ice cream are just what’s needed at any time of the day. I can’t resist the chocolate sauce, mint ice cream, and cream combination – and I can always be tempted to stray.

La Bohême, El Médano


Did someone mention crepes with alcohol? How about a B48 with chocolate and Baileys or a Los Gigantes with chocolate, rum, apple, cocoa, and cream or a Pico Viejo  with chocolate, banana, and rum. Maybe you could tackle all three and then wobble off to the beach.

La Bohême are always trying something new, the latest creation is a Crepburger for the hungry ones out there. Wrapped up in this bad boy are cheese, onions, double ham, lettuce, pickles, sauce, and don’t forget the mayo. So call them crepes or pancakes but either way you will need to call again to make any serious inroads into the full range at La Bohême.


La Bohême: El Medano, La Laguna, Santa Cruz, Candelaria, open Sunday to Thursday 1pm to 11.30, Friday, Saturday, and fiestas 1pm to midnight.

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