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Wed, January 29th, 2014 - By Linda

Hats were no longer a fashion staple by the time I grew up, so I was excited when emigration to the Canary Islands made them a necessity.

We know to factor up when we hit the beach or pool, but living in South Tenerife, also makes you aware of the damage the sun can do to your hair or scalp  – areas that burn easily. Add to that fading, split ends, and bad hair days which also result, and you can see why a stroll around resorts from Los Gigantes to Los Cristianos will reveal all manner of original ways to take care of your crowning glory. Can you stay safe and still look stylish?


Traditional Canarian costumes


Here are some dos, don’ts and ideas for not losing your cool, literally or fashionably:

The Trilby: Trendy youngsters visiting Playa de las Americas have being sporting this style over the last couple of years. Whether they are taking care of their heads or copying pop stars, who can say, but it looks totally “with it.”

The Panama Worn by hippies and wannabe Hemingways alike, it always looks the part, and the good ones will squish into your bag and emerge relatively intact when you go home. Seen in sophisticated resorts like Costa Adeje or Puerto de la Cruz.




Baseball Caps – the most common head covering. Whether it’s your favourite sports team or the last place you holidayed, the logo on the front sends a message. Problem is they don’t cover the back of the neck, unless you wear it back-to-front, and, truly, ONLY teens can get away with that look. The alternative is one with a flap at the back to protect your neck. This look is fine if you are making sandcastles on the beach – and are five years old. They are, however, a good choice when you visit El Médano, where the wind can whip away your straw hat.

Straw hats, from dramatic Audrey Hepburn (great with enormous sunglasses) to demure little numbers with flowers around the crown to Stetsons. Brims provide shade, and weave lets the air through. The choice is yours, but remember how it’s going to look on Facebook!


Hats on the beach


Cotton Hats The style I would counsel everyone to avoid is the inverted plant pot. Usually white, they have the effect of making wearers look like refugees from The Flowerpot Men, and serve little purpose because the brims aren’t wide enough to offer much protection. The floppy slouch hat, however, is acceptable. Surfers, lifeguards, and the otherwise beautifully-bodied have made this style totally acceptable over the last ten years or so.

What if I hate hats? If you really don’t do hats, then scarves can be an alternative. Again, avoid the rapper look, it doesn’t work for most of us, but a printed triangle, knotted at the back of the head is still trendy. Turbans, however, ladies, went out with black and white movies.


Beach wear


Where to buy? Street markets from Los Abrigos to Playa San Juan and all stops in between sell hats, and they can be loads cheaper than shops. Expect to pay between €5 and €10 – unless you go for a Panama, in which case IMHO it’s worth paying for the real thing. So make your choice, and stun Facebook – it’s all a matter of style!

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