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Fri, January 10th, 2014 - By Linda

Eating out on holiday can be unpredictable, perhaps that’s the reason so many people prefer familiar foods, rather than local Canary Island dishes. Since curry is officially Britain’s favourite food, despite its far-flung origins, this perhaps explains the success of Roy’s Pizza in San Eugenio, Costa Adeje. Personally, I put it down to the quality of the food and the friendly service.

Don’t let the name mislead you. Roy’s isn’t just about pizza, although they do the best deep pan in Tenerife, with the most generous toppings I’ve seen anywhere.


Chicken Korma, Roy's Pizza & Tandoori


They are also renowned for the best curries in the south, with plenty of choice for connoisseurs, from the mild but flavoursome kormas to the tangy, spicy vindaloos. Roy arrived in Tenerife in 1991, with the idea of creating a pizza delivery business, which then didn’t exist in the south of the island. Heck, I don’t think there was even a decent pizza parlour back then! After weighing up locations in Los Cristianos as well as Playa de las Americas, he settled on the present location as being the most practical for delivery purposes, and opened his doors in 1992. 21 years on it’s still the hub of this thriving business.


Kufti with Rose Syrup


A few months back, I took a Canarian friend, who’d never eaten Indian food, to Roy’s for lunch. Our perfectly bilingual and very friendly waitress explained every dish carefully – I didn’t want to overwhelm my pal with excessive spiciness! The vegetarian samosas were light and tasty, but didn’t overwhelm the palate, and the chicken korma was smooth and fragrant. My own taste normally runs to slightly more spicy dishes, but the recommendations amply satisfied us both. We mopped up every last trace of curry with fresh and slightly crisped naan breads, so I think we can say this was a successful introduction to the mysteries of Indian cuisine.  The naans come in several guises, including a Peshwari stuffed with coconut and raisins. To finish we had kufti, a dense Indian dessert, something like ice cream, served with a sweet, rose syrup.




My favourite starter is their onion bhaji, which has a special zing. The full range of Indian goodies you expect to find in UK is here. Pizza toppings rejoice in names like Sea Dragon (prawns, mussels an octopus) and Eagles Nest (green peppers, mushrooms, sweet corn and spiced chicken).

Vegetarians are well catered for, as you might expect, there are two veggie pizzas,  laden with bubbling cheese and zesty vegetables, and a Soya Tikka, amongst other dishes. But if meat is more your style, try the Meat Feast pizza, layered with pork, pepperoni, ham and spiced chicken. If you, like me, like spicy, then there is a wide choice of both Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs ice creams to cool your throat.


Roy's Pizza & Tandoori


Sunburn making eating out a chore? Then Roy’s deliver from Los Gigantes to El Médano, though there is a minimum order for the farther destinations. Ordering in English is no problem at all. Staff is international, and many are bilingual.  I can promise you that no address is beyond their capacity to deliver. They once delivered pizzas to my sons at the skate ramps in Las Americas, without a murmur!

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