Rock Story, A Musical Journey At Exit Palace

Fri, February 18th, 2011 - By Colin

Music that stands the test of time, music that unites several generations, that’s what you get from a night out at Rock Story at Exit Palace in the heart of Playa de Las Américas. The venue name comes from motorway exit 29 but it’s equally accessible by foot from the nightlife heart of San Eugenio.

Abba, Pink Floyd and Queen are your soundtrack for the night. Tribute acts are plentiful in Tenerife but you get the whole package at Rock Story. As the Abba music strikes up the spotlight splits between the boys on the stage and the girls one each side up on the balconies. That 70’s glitz and glamour is sprinkled over all the costumes as the group gather back on the stage to storm through all the hits from Waterloo to Mamma Mia and beyond. A walkway extends out into the audience, perfect for the girls to strut their stuff between the tables as their audience sing along.

A 15 minute break is just enough time to top up with drinks at the bar and at 3 euros a pint and 2.50 a wine there are plenty of takers.
As the lights dim the action moves upwards with a nimble dancer ascending on a netting rope and spiralling among the lasers as Pink Floyd begin to weave their spell. Video screens and old film footage all play their part as the talented musicians tease out every spine tingling memory from classics like Shine On You Crazy Diamonds and Money. The stage crew have been busy in the break and the set is soon completed for the final number of Another Brick In The Wall as the barricade crashes down and the guitars belts out a rousing finish.

Another retreat to the bar and the audience is settled as Freddie Mercury burns his way to the stage astride a powerful motorbike and tears into One Vision. Chest proudly puffed Freddie leads Queen through anthems like It’s A Kinda Magic and Radio Ga Ga. By now the inhibitions are gone and many of the audience are up and clapping and cheering through Bohemian Rhapsody. The walkway from the stage leads Freddie to the piano for an emotional rendition of Who Wants To Live Forever before he struts back on stage to hit the high notes with a Monserat Caballe diva.

The three hours pass quickly eased along by good use of lighting and some nice smaller touches like the cava welcome in the courtyard and the rock memorabilia just off from the bar area. There’s an optional after show party at Tibu but as midnight chimes there’s still plenty of life left in the busy nearby bars and restaurants of Playa de Las Americas.

Rock Story, every Tuesday and Saturday from 9.30 pm.
Tel (0034) 922797330 or 922374811

Tickets Adults 25 euros, VIP 35 euros, children 4 to 14 years 9 euros, return bus 6 euros

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6 Responses to “Rock Story, A Musical Journey At Exit Palace”

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  2. Meryl says:

    Got to agree, fantastic show, was a bit dubious about the Pink Floyd section but it turned out to be my favourite.

  3. Denise says:

    Hola, espero que tocan todavia este musical?queremos passar este sabado el 17 de posibile?
    saludos, denise

  4. Lee Hobley says:

    Can you book tickets in advance for the Exit Palace shows?

    If so, any suggestions how and where from would be appreciated.

  5. Colin says:

    Advance bookings at (its in Spanish but the Reservas bit is easy to fill in).Otherwise you can book ahead at most exchange and excursion shops once you are here. Enjoy the show.

  6. Carol Apps says:

    i enjoyed this show a few years ago I am A friend of the guitarist and drummer and trying to contact him as I have lost all contact I believe he went to England he oringinally came from Brazil his name was Eliot but don’t know his surname he was married to a singer and had a child but I think the marriage broke up he had a recording studio and taught music

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