Roca Nivaria Hotel, the Personal Choice of Travel Company Bosses

Mon, October 25th, 2010 - By Andrea Montgomery

Have you ever wondered where those in the travel business go for their holidays?

A couple of weeks ago I caught up with Chris and Alan, two of the Directors of who were holidaying with their families in their travel site’s most popular resort – Tenerife.

Driving beyond the hotels and shopping centres of Costa Adeje, I turned off onto the coastal road that winds its way westwards through banana plantations and tropical fruit hothouses until I reached Playa Paraíso.

A small, purpose built settlement perched on the headland at the western edge of Costa Adeje, Playa Paraíso is home to the lovely Roca Nivaria Hotel where Chris and Alan were enjoying their well earned break in the sun.

The Roca Nivaria is a contemporary styled hotel which combines geometric design with the natural materials and colonial style of the Canary Islands. The result is a handsome, comfortable hotel which is filled with elegant places to sit and enjoy a beer or take in the west coast’s endless sunshine hours and views over the Atlantic Ocean to La Gomera.

The rooms are the size of small suites with a comfortable seating area, twin three quarter sized beds and a fabulously stylish bathroom with a walk-in shower and twin sinks. If you enjoy defying excess luggage limits and bringing an extensive holiday wardrobe with you, you’ll love the big walk-in closet with its rows of hangers, its shelves and its free safety box in which to deposit the family jewels. On the balcony, two reclining sun loungers and a small table look out over the pools and gardens, poised for the evening sunset show.

Everything in the hotel seems to work just the way it should. Lifts magically appear at the press of the call button regardless of what floor you’re on; there’s a fast, free WiFi connection whether you’re in the bedroom, the lounge or by the pool and the moment you look as if you might want to order something there’s a smiling member of staff on hand ready to oblige.

I can feel a sweat coming on just watching the handful of guests in the gym, stepping and cycling as if their lives depended on it. I’m very tempted to slip into the thermal waters of the spa beneath its magnificent stained glass dome but I’m on a mission to find the way down to the beach.

I wander around the beautiful gardens, along the never ending sunbathing terraces and behind the waterfall before joining some six year olds on the banks of the meandering stream to count the coi carp and watch the tadpoles. Onwards, past the aquatic aerobics class and the tennis courts I finally find the secret elevator which takes me down the cliff to the beach below.

It’s no wonder travel company bosses choose the Roca Nivaria – I could happily stay here for the next week myself.

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