Review of Barracuda Barra y Mantel, A Treat for Eyes as Well as Palate

Mon, June 22nd, 2015 - By Linda

There are dozens of restaurants in Tenerife from which you can watch amazing Canary Island sunsets. Whether watching the peaks of neighbouring La Palma highlighted against a fiery sky from Puerto de la Cruz in the north, or the golden glow as the sun sinks behind La Gomera from the coast of Costa Adeje in the south, our sunsets are spectacular.


Sunset from Barra y Mantel, San Eugenio, Tenerife


Despite seeing hundreds, watching from the hillside of San Eugenio Alto, from Restaurant Barracuda Barra y Mantel last week, took away my breath. This fairly new restaurant (it opened February 2015), enjoys a position overlooking Costa Adeje providing a befitting backdrop to a memorable meal. The vista from the terrace melted from the golden light of pre-sunset, to crimson sky. After dark, the lights along the coast sparkled like diamonds on black velvet. From height you get a perspective you miss on the coast. This restaurant would be the perfect place for an anniversary dinner, Valentine’s Day or other romantic occasion.


Exterior by night, Barra y Mantel, San Eugenio, Tenerife


I was invited to sample the international menu of this truly Spanish style restaurant. It’s the style of upmarket eateries in cities like Madrid or Barcelona, but less common in the Canaries. You can sit at the bar and choose from a very extensive, upmarket tapas menu, or you can sit, as we did, and enjoy the views. Hence the Barra y Mantel part of the title which translates literally as bar and tablecloth.

We were served a tasting menu in order to try a variety of the dishes on offer, variety being the appropriate word. We started off in very traditional, Spanish style with a platter of chorizo, ham and cheese, but as dishes kept coming it became a world tour of flavours. From the Atlantic coast of Spain came scallops in a light tomato and beetroot sauce, followed by a carpaccio of delicately smoked beef which almost literally melted in the mouth. Next a Peruvian ceviche of blue lobster with a swirl of puréed sweet potato, probably my favourite, although that would be an impossible decision.


Scallops, Barra y Mantel, San Eugenio, Tenerife


Our next stop was Japan, for the mouth-watering seared tuna, known as tataki, served with a fragrant, delicious house dip as well as a traditional soy sauce. The house dip was so good I asked about the recipe, but it’s a secret they are not letting go.  The most eye-catching dish was a piling of fried eel and yucca crisps; followed by tiger mussels, and croquettes of my favourite cheese, Cabrales, from the mountains of Asturias; next, crunchy oxtail meatballs.

By this time I was about to burst, but there was a very special last platter of duck breast with blueberry sauce and peach sauce, which I just managed to do justice to.


Duck, Barra y Mantel, San Eugenio, Tenerife


For the moment, parking on the street outside the restaurant is easy, another plus. As we crossed to our car the lights of Playa de las Americas shimmered below, and I knew for sure I would be back to try the rest of Barracuda’s exciting menu.

For you foodies, chefs Iñaki Sánchez and Gonzalo Tamames are presenting their first gourmet nights in the coming weeks. Between June 24th and July 16th, two days per week, specially created menus for bon vivants will be offered. You can see the details on their website. I’ve made a note in my diary!


Interior, Barra y Mantel, San Eugenio, Tenerife


Barracuda Barra y Mantel is on Calle Alemania in San Eugenio Alto Tel. 922 080 160. Main courses run from €10.50 for baked mussels to €35 for a speciality steak, and starters range from €6.50 to €19.50. I wasn’t drinking because of driving, but the wine list is extensive, concentrates on mainland Spanish wines, and prices are similar to other good restaurants. The full menu is on their website in English.

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