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Mon, December 13th, 2010 - By Meryl

We first went to the Rosso sul Mare in La Caleta around 3 years ago.  We had been looking after a friend’s cat for several months until her blood tests were clear and she was able to fly back to the UK so by way of a thank you, our friend took us for a meal.

At the time, we thought the food was divine, but sometimes, restaurants don´t always stand the test of time and after receiving generally good comments on websites like Tripadvisor they become a little complacent, expecting people to accept whatever they are prepared to offer because of previous reviews. This is not the case however with the Rosso sul Mare, we have returned on several occasions and each time the food is as good if not better than the first time.

It is an Italian restaurant where you can get either a light lunch or evening meal.  The views from the terrace are lovely as it is directly over the sea and if you just wander in for a coffee, nobody rushes you or pushes you to try the food.  The decor is stylish and modern, the waiting staff very handsome, and attentive which is always a bonus.

It was in the Rosso that I first learnt the Spanish word for cinnamon – canella (not to be confused with Cannelloni being Italian) after a long and humorous discussion, which ended up sniffing the jar – I learnt a new Spanish word and the waiter learnt a new English word!

There is still not much meat on the menu ,  but being Italian there is plenty of homemade pasta and of course fresh fish.  Fresh Clam and Tomato Soup, Grilled Goats Cheese on a salad of mixed greens, and Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese might sound good but many places do good. However at Rosso sul Mare they present the food with style.  It is the little touches that make it special, the clams served whole in the soup, the addition of fruit and nuts to the salad and the drizzle of fruit sauces over the cheese.

Some may find it expensive, but if the main course is good, I don’t think €18-20 is too steep.  Starters are around €8 and desserts the same.  I am told their wine list is extensive, but I have more interest in their coffee, which is excellent, particularly their Barraquito.

I would recommend you book a table if you wish to eat there on an evening, it does get busy but lunch-times you can usually guarantee a seat, and if you are lucky a front line view of the sea.

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