Resorts on the Rise on Tenerife in 2016

Thu, January 7th, 2016 - By Jack Montgomery

I was going to call this ‘Hot Resorts on Tenerife in 2016’ but as all the island’s resorts are hot it seemed a bit daft.

On an island visited by millions each year there’s not really going to be any new resorts as such. But there are constant developments, renovations, hotel changes and new initiatives which mean that places can change their personality and rise phoenix-like from their outdated ashes. Look at Playa de las Américas a few years ago. To me the Safari Centre has become the most upmarket and sophisticated purpose built resort area on Tenerife.

Safari Centre, Playa de las Americas, Tenerife

There are changes afoot for 2016 which may breathe new life into some parts. These are my pick of places which could be transformed over the coming 12 months.

Playa Paraiso
The name always seemed a bit of a joke to me as for a long time it lacked a decent playa (there’s a nice sandy cove now) and the paraiso (paradise) part of the name was an extreme case of poetic licence. No, I’m not a fan. What saved the resort for me were hotels like the Roca Nivaria and also the resort’s smart swimming pool complex. The potential has been there but much of the Playa Paraiso has been stuck in the 80s. The transformation of the twin towers of the old Fiesta Playa Hotel into one of only two Hard Rock Hotels in Spain (the other is in Ibiza) could be the sexy, rock ‘n’ roll makeover Playa Paraiso desperately needs. With the Hard Rock Hotel due to open in mid 2016, Playa Paraiso is a resort to watch.

Playa Paraiso, Tenerife

El Médano
Or should I say Costa Magallenes? The local council in the area have seen how well luxury hotels in other areas of Tenerife have been doing and clearly want some of the 5 star action. El Médano has stayed below the mass tourism radar so far, being a resort favoured by windsurfers, kite-boarders and visitors wanting a more authentic beach resort. Plans to build a luxury hotel behind the lovely Playa de la Tejita might finally change that. Whether it will be for the better or worse might depend on personal viewpoints. It’s one of the nicest looking natural beaches on Tenerife, but that’s partly because of the absence of concrete behind it. On the other hand it’s easy to see why a luxury hotel would be popular with visitors. If built at the furthest end of the beach from Montaña Roja it might not detract too much from the scenery.

Building work, Playa de la Tejita, Tenerife

The big question mark is whether it would prove popular in the long term. El Médano has been mass tourism free because it’s nearly always windy – perfect for extreme water sports, less so for sandblast free sunbathing.

Buenavista del Norte
“Where?” You cry. Isla Baja is one of the most beautiful parts of the island with scenery that has the effect of a taser (okay, slight exaggeration). The name Buenavista del Norte is no resort developer’s tourist attracting gimmick, it was coined by the conquistadors centuries ago so you get what it says on the package. The downside to the raw nature of the place is that it’s miles from anywhere. For some that might be the upside to it as it’s also about as authentic Tenerife as you can get. There’s been a hotel on Buenavista’s Golf Course for years but it has recently been taken over by the Melia group who did such a good job of complimenting the fishing village of Alcalá on the south west coast. Can they wave their magic wand and do the same with the luxury, adults only Hacienda del Conde?

Wooden walkway, Buenavista del Norte, Tenerife

My prediction is two out of three will get the thumbs up. With the other I can’t help feeling it might be a case of ‘there may be trouble ahead…’

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