Why You Should Research Tenerife Resorts Before You Book Your Holiday

Mon, February 13th, 2012 - By Jack Montgomery

Holidays are precious. They give us something warm and fuzzy to look forward to and are a necessary break from the trials and tribulations of normal daily life.

So why risk screwing it up by not making sure the destination you’re heading to is one that suits exactly what you want from a holiday location?

Researching a place before you book your holiday isn’t just sensible, it’s essential.



Why Research Tenerife Holiday Resorts?
Tenerife is a big island with resorts that have wildly contrasting personalities. Some have been purpose built for tourists and have nil local character but plenty of bars, beaches and restaurants; others mix tourism with tradition and there are places where the nightlife consists of one bar with four old blokes smoking cigars playing dominoes.

The internet is full of people tweeting or blogging about ruined holidays; the girl who tweeted from Playa de las Américas that there was nothing at all foreign about Tenerife; the woman who hated Puerto de la Cruz because the main square was full of Spanish people; the bloke who chose Golf del Sur then moaned about Tenerife being a dry rock full of Brits. With a little bit of research all of these would have found a resort that better suited their tastes.

Where to Research Holiday Destinations




Travel Advisory Sites
These can be excellent sources of information, if you know their flaws. Many users recommend the place they like and not necessarily the one that suits you. If you want something traditional you can bet someone will recommend Costa Adeje before Puerto de la Cruz. If you want somewhere quiet with few other tourists, someone will recommend Los Gigantes rather than La Orotava or Garachico.

Hotel reviews are great research tools if you know the code. ‘Geared towards Spanish and Germans’ really means ‘not geared towards the British’ and a lone bad review usually means the reviewer is a Victor Meldrew wannabe and the hotel is actually fine. Recently a visitor to Puerto de la Cruz complained their hotel was full of Germans. A quick check of other reviews revealed a comment stating guests at the hotel are 80% German.

Tour Operators
Generally speaking tour operators’ sites are useless for accurate research. Purpose built resorts like Playa Paraiso might be described as a ‘traditional fishing village’, sometimes attractions are described that don’t actually exist and ‘nearby’ can mean 40 kilometres away.



Tenerife.co.uk is Different
Admittedly I’m biased as I wrote some of the resort descriptions but let me share something that might help convince you. This is the remit we had to write resort descriptions.

“…actually what we want you to do is tell it like it is…warts and all.
We don’t need flowery descriptions or travel agent-speak, we want our customers to know exactly what they’re getting before they book.”

This is why Tenerife.co.uk has resort descriptions that include ‘Little Britain in the sun… ‘ and ‘… the place is completely devoid of charm.’

The descriptions might not be flowery but the only surprises visitors to Tenerife will have when they arrive at their resorts are pleasant ones.

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