The Re-Branding of Tenerife

Mon, August 31st, 2015 - By Andrea Montgomery

It began just over a decade ago with the announcement that the extensive planned coastal developments of the south coast were to be known in future as Costa Adeje. Four years ago it was the turn of Golf del Sur to get the re-branding treatment. Now it seems Tenerife’s marketing departments have been at it again, and this time, it’s El Médano that’s in for the Mad Men treatment.


Costa Adeje


It has been some years since we first heard the words Costa Adeje to describe the new, luxury developments that were creeping their way up the south west coastline from Fañabe to La Caleta. Confusion ensued. Not so much around the new areas of development like El Duque and La Caleta which were very much at the embryonic stage of resort development and had little existing holiday accommodation, but around San Eugenio, large parts of which had hitherto been known as Playa de las Américas. Suddenly landmarks such as the Las Américas bus station found themselves in Costa Adeje.


Golf del Sur or Costa San Miguel


Next to get the rebranding treatment was Golf del Sur which found itself being referred to and marketed as Costa San Miguel, not to be confused with the municipality capital and hill town of San Miguel…except that that’s exactly what happened. People booking holidays in the exotic sounding Costa San Miguel arrived to find themselves in a Golf del Sur hotel and thought someone must have made a mistake.


Al Médano or Costa Magallanes


Now it’s the turn of Granadilla de Abona‘s marketing team to introduce a new brand name for its 16km stretch of coastline encompassing the resort of El Médano and the seafood restaurants of Los Abrigos which is to be named after the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand de Magellan who called at El Médano for provisions before embarking on his circumnavigation of the globe in 1519. Having stayed for just two days, Magellan will now be forever associated with the resort under its new tourism brand name of Costa Magallanes.


Los Abrigos or Costa Magallanes


So do all these name change shenanigans work?

In the case of Costa Adeje there is no doubt that Tenerife has managed to reposition itself away from the down market and into the designer. Holidaymakers who would never deign to tread a toe in Playa De Las Américas happily boast of their upcoming break in Costa Adeje. Ironically, the revamped Playa de Las Américas is now considerably more upmarket than some parts of the designer branded coast.


San Miguel


But there was new money and new developments aplenty ploughed into the creation of Costa Adeje whereas that wasn’t the case with Costa San Miguel which simply sought to widen its appeal beyond golfers. As far as I can see, there’s little evidence that the new name has taken hold as yet. Other than the council’s own websites and a golf course, a Google search returns nothing.

Whether or not Costa Magellanes will work remains to be seen. The municipality tourism chiefs say they intend to market the new brand as quality tourism, away from the crowded resorts of the south and south west, an area in which to enjoy culture, sports and hiking. Hang on, hiking? In Costa Magellanes? I think it will take more than just announcing it for a new brand to mean something.

At the moment it’s just a name, one with plenty of scope for mispronunciation.

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