Five Reasons I Prefer to Live in the South of Tenerife

Mon, March 10th, 2014 - By Linda

I lose count of the number of times, in 20+ years of living in Tenerife, that I’ve considered the possibility of moving north. The north of this island is, undoubtedly, prettier and greener, but I’ve never made the move. Why?


Al fresco dining, Tenerife


1. Top reason, the weather is sunnier in the south. When I was mooting the idea of a move, an Englishman who had lived first in Garachico, and moved to Golf del Sur advised me: “If you come to north Tenerife from Britain, you will love the climate, but if you move north after living on the south, you’ll miss the sunshine.” It isn’t that I spend my days lazing on the beaches of Los Cristianos, but what I like about the stability of the climate is being able to plan ahead. If I want to go to the beach, plan a barbeque, or simply meet friends for an al fresco lunch, there are few times my plans will be spoiled by weather. The climate gives me freedom.


Santa Cruz

2. Santa Cruz is the cultural heart of the island, and although it may appear to be closer to northern towns like Puerto de la Cruz, access via the TF1 is, actually, much easier than the approach from the busy northern autopista in my opinion. If I want to see opera or jazz or shop in the capital, it’s only 40 minutes and easy parking by the seafront, or an excellent bus service.


Indian festival, Playa de las Americas

3. I love the multicultural atmosphere. If I were visiting the Canary Islands, and not living here, I would rethink this, but as a long-term resident, I thrive on the variety around me in the south. Strolling Geranium Walk in Playa de las Americas these days I lose count of the languages I hear around me. Eating out, I have a wide choice of cuisines, from Thai to Canarian to good old fish ‘n’ chips. I’ve also been to Indian, African and South American fiestas, as well as Canarian. I’m sure that as a visitor I would prefer a more authentic island experience, but I love the mix of cultures.

4. Reina Sofia airport is in the south. I love to travel, but for me the worst part of the journey is getting to the airport or port, or that last leg of the journey when you get home tired. Living in El Médano I am close to the airport. So from touchdown it’s only twenty minutes to making coffee in my own kitchen.


El Medano beach


5. At heart I’m a beach bum. I know that this is, perhaps, something I should have grown out of, but I haven’t! I love the choice of beaches I have in the south from the sophisticated beaches of Costa Adeje to the wildness of La Tejita or the quiet, family beaches of Poris de Abona or Playa San Juan. In the south I have a beach for every mood.

It’s ironic that in travelling around the Canary Islands I seek the quieter places, the more genuinely Canarian experiences, but when it comes to day to day living, I thrive on the variety of the south. The rest of the island, after all, the  forests, the lunar landscapes and the dramatic coastlines of the north are not that far away.

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4 Responses to “Five Reasons I Prefer to Live in the South of Tenerife”

  1. Hi Linda
    I absolutely love your article in particular the positive yet honest tone.
    For anyone reading this article that maybe hasn’t been to Tenerife or for those who have been to Las Americas in the past and have formed their opinion about Tenerife based on just that experience, what this article will hopefully do is emphasise the unique diversity that the island has too offer.
    I personally enjoy the best of both worlds, living in Santa Cruz the capital during the week for business and serving international clients, the climate here is cooler which is perfect when wearing business attire, also with the advantage of the city having high speed internet through the fibre optics cables and having everything in a very short walking distance makes business life much easier and functional, something i always struggled with in the south and my business isn’t tourist based. Equally when 13:00hrs comes on a Friday afternoon I love packed my bag and heading to my Finca in the south to enjoy a weekend on the beach, Mountain bike riding in the mountain or canoeing in my favourite coastal town of El Medano.

    Great Article Linda, thanks for sharing it with us, looking forward to reading more of your articles.


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  3. Linda says:

    Thank you, Chris. Really glad you liked it. I would say that internet is the one thing I might prefer in Santa Cruz! I use a USB connector, and it is twice as fast in Santa Cruz! However, I think I can live with what i have for now at least! thank you for commenting!

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