Rancho De Nino, More Than Just a Restaurant

Mon, March 16th, 2015 - By Linda

Regular readers of this blog know that Tenerife bulges with great places to eat, traditional and modern. So when I find somewhere new and different, I am thrilled.

Rancho de Nino is a typical, Canarian restaurant, but with different twists. Finding it, just off the Guaragacho road is something of a magical mystery tour for starters, yet it’s only about 20 minutes from Los Cristianos or Playa de las Americas, and even less from Costa del Silencio or Golf del Sur.


Rancho de Nino


Having navigated the winding road, arriving at the main entrance, it’s clear this place isn’t the run-of-the-mill Canary Islands restaurant, and that it’s hugely popular. Unless you arrive super early, you’ll find a dual carriage way with cars parked all the way along on both sides, yet despite the volume of cars, you always seem to find a space.

By the entrance, neat rows of lettuce and veggies grow, and ahead gates lead to the orchard. You are welcome to wander the rows of avocado and mango trees. This is a working market garden/farm as well as eatery. Less than two years ago it had been abandoned for lack of water but in October 2013 the present owners decided to rescue it, and by August 2014 they were ready to open to the public as finca, restaurant, and, well, attraction.


Rancho de Nino


In season, surplus produce is sold, but when I visited last week, the trees were in full, springtime flower. Not so fetching as the almond blossoms of Santiago del Teide perhaps, but boding well for summer crops. Not only that, but the small farmyard in one corner was thriving with fluffy chicks, cute piglets, kids and baby muflon. Putting aside the thought that some of these were probably destined for the dinner table I oo’d and ah’d with the families taking a pre-lunch stroll.

Walking back, the smell of roasting meats greeted me at the restaurant entrance. I was disappointed to see a queue ahead, but like the parking, it appeared unimportant. It reduced quickly and the efficiency of the staff was immediately evident as we were lead to our table. The place is cavernous, basically a huge warehouse structure, cleverly and attractively separated by a zillion plants. Light and airy, with no walls to bounce off, the sound level was fine, unlike many fully-tiled establishments.


Rancho de Nino


We ordered a mixed grill for two, although we were three, and our platter, piled high with beef steaks, pork chops, chicken and sausages, was easily enough to feed four. Not only that, but, the papas arrugadas were possibly the best I’ve ever had.

I watched in awe as we munched, as an army of wait persons seemed to fly around. Despite the numbers of people, the wait for our meal had been average. Trolleys were stacked with crockery and cutlery ready to reset tables as soon as they emptied, and other trolleys were being stacked with the dirty dishes, ready to whisk away.


Meat platter, Rancho de Nino


In addition to all of this there is a colourful children’s play area, complete with ball pool, and on the terrace a pool table and fuss ball table to keep the youngsters happy. Eating at Rancho de Nino is more than just a meal out. It’s an experience and an entertainment, which I will be repeating again soon.

Open Tues-Sun from 1pm, closed Mondays; (+34) 661 61 40 21; our huge meat platter, drinks for three and coffees came to just €30.

To find Rancho de Nino turn off TF1 at Las Chafiras and turn right along TF655 in direction Las Galletas, follow those signs and turn left at the junction with TF652. In seconds you will see a sign for Oroteanda, and also for Rancho de Nino, turn right and follow the road to the end.

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