When the Rain Comes to Tenerife

Wed, October 3rd, 2012 - By Jack Montgomery

Rain, it’s a funny old thing. In many parts of the world, rain is greeted with joy; a cause for celebration. In Britain, it seems to be always on the horizon whatever the season, literally putting a dampener on barbecues, camping trips, weddings and any other outdoor activity.


Wet Dog, Tenerife

If Brits could sell their rainfall to the rest of the world, it would probably be the biggest money spinner going. But they can’t. Instead, they have to rely on that essential, re-energising holiday to guarantee a dose of invigorating sunshine. Everything seems to look and feel better in the sunshine. Problems are just that little bit more bearable with blue skies above, the sun on your face and a long cool drink in your hand.

And then, after booking two weeks of guaranteed winter sunshine on Tenerife, they go on to Facebook or Twitter and find someone like me moaning about the fact that we’re desperate for rain on Tenerife. Or worse, they find that those little golden orbs that have never changed on weather websites for Tenerife since June have alarmingly been joined by moody, grey clouds.

Last week, after one of the hottest summers that even septuagenarians can remember, the season changed and so did the weather. It rained on Tenerife.

After a drought that stretches back to the end of winter 2011, this rain was greeted like a long, lost friend in parts of Tenerife. In Puerto de la Cruz, locals gave thanks by holding their hands to the heavens. In La Orotava, a banner was erected above the motorway which proclaimed ‘Bailemos Bajo El Lluvia’ ´- we dance beneath the rain.


Rainy day at La Matanza


Although there were some light showers in the hills at San Miguel de Abona, the rain didn’t reach the south coast of Tenerife. From El Médano to Playa de las Américas to Callao Salvaje it remained dry.

However, the weather forecast for this week shows that there’s a chance of more rain and this time it might hit southern resorts.

But here’s the thing about the rain on Tenerife. It is nothing like the rain in Britain.

When the rain fell in the north and north east of Tenerife last week, it fell mainly over the course of one day. The following day was sunny with temperatures of 30C. The result? The landscape instead of looking dry and thirsty looked vibrant and lush.

When you see little rain clouds on weather forecast sites for Tenerife, they will more often than not be accompanied by the sun peeking out. Even a rainy day on Tenerife can usually be a sunny one as well. When rain falls, it is often at night. Sometime it is in short, sharp monsoon-like bursts.


Sunset over Moody Skies, Tenerife

If anything, and like the monsoons of the Far East, it’s spectacular to witness. And you get some prettty decent sunsets afterwards.

What it doesn’t do is outstay its welcome. It comes, nourishes the earth, fills the reservoirs and goes.

In the north of Tenerife, there are very few what we would call ‘rainy’ days on Tenerife. In the south, there are even fewer.

I don’t own an umbrella and I very rarely wear a heavy jacket. And I live in the north of Tenerife.

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