May is the Quiet Month on Tenerife

Fri, May 10th, 2013 - By Jack Montgomery

Despite the football match being Manchester United v Chelsea, the bar I watch football in was seasonably quiet. There were only a handful of British visitors watching a game that this year didn’t really mean a lot… to one of the teams playing at least.


Firework display, Los Realejos

It’s the end of the season in more ways than one. The football season is all but over and so is the winter holiday season for Northern Europeans. Although there will still be nearly 300,000 visitors arriving on Tenerife in May, there can be anything up to 100,000 less than in previous months.

On an island that is a year round holiday destination, when there is no ‘out of season’ as such, May is the quiet month in tourist terms.

In some towns, like Puerto de la Cruz, a few bars and restaurants take the opportunity to close their doors so that the staff can have a holiday for a month or so. It doesn’t really affect choice. With around 300 restaurants in the town, there’s still more than enough places to choose from.

And yet even though there’s a drop off in visitors, Puerto de la Cruz was bustling to the point it was difficult to make progress through the streets. It was Mother’s Day (like Father’s Day, it’s a different date in Spain) and families from Puerto, La Orotava, Los Realejos and surrounding areas were enjoying a Sunday afternoon in the sunshine.


Brazilian Dancer, Puerto de la Cruz


Next week sees the Mueca, art in the street festival in Puerto de la Cruz. It’s a fun festival that in the past has attracted up to 35,000 people… during the quiet month of the year.

Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz, celebrates it’s founding in May by putting on concerts and various events throughout the month. There’s an infectious party atmosphere in the city even though every year only a small number of visitors get to experience it.

It’s the same everywhere else around the island. Jazz concerts in Los Cristianos; handicraft fairs in Adeje, dances in Candelaria, a traditional fair in El Médano and all sorts of events to commemorate the first session of a Canary Islands Parliament on 30 May 1983, el Día de Canarias.


Singer at May Fiesta, Los Realejos


There’s so much going on in May that we usually have to eeny, meeny, miny mo to decide what events to see and which to miss.

But that’s the thing about Tenerife. The great majority of events aren’t put on for visitors, they’re put on for the local population and although visitor numbers and demographics fluctuate, the resident population remains the same. There’s not that much under a million people living on Tenerife an they like to have plenty to do and see.

May is known as the quiet month on Tenerife, but the reality is there is no quiet month on Tenerife.

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3 Responses to “May is the Quiet Month on Tenerife”

  1. Ruth says:

    And if you add up that the temperatures in the whole island are nice, there’s no excuse not to visit and enjoy the northern towns, all without exception of the beaches of Tenerife and the start of the season of traditional local religious festivities. Enjoy May!!

  2. Gail says:

    Great post. It certainly is very quiet this month. I don’t suppose you have any stats for visitors by month do you? I would love to see that, maybe in a graph or something?

    • Hi Gail. Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been travelling. I do have access to the official visitor stats but the site is in Spanish and quite complicated (even if it was in English it would be complicated). I can give you a link if you’d like.

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