Are the Pyramids of Guimar on Tenerife Worth a Visit?

Fri, March 28th, 2014 - By Jack Montgomery

Read online reviews about a visit to the Pyramids of Guimar on Tenerife and the one thing you can be sure of at the end is that you won’t be sure whether they’re worth a visit or not.

Some people find them fascinating and some people think the €11 entrance fee is over priced.


Pyramids, Pyramids de Guimar Ethnological Park, Tenerife


The Pyramids of Guimar themselves are shrouded in mystery and controversy. I’m not going to touch on that here as it’s a complex argument that goes way beyond the simple and misleading ‘the locals don’t believe they’re real’ explanation.

Instead I’m going to tell you what you get for your handful of euros.

Where are the Pyramids de Guimar?
The pyramids are located inside the Pyramids de Guimar Ethnological Park high in a valley on Tenerife’s east coast in the town of Guimar. If it wasn’t for the pyramids not many visitors would set foot in Guimar. Before mass tourism led to the creation of big resorts on Tenerife’s south coast, it was the last big town on the route south from Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz. It’s an historic town and area with an interesting past that stretches back way before the Spanish conquest of Tenerife. That fact is not disputed. Today it still has a lively bustle that you don’t really find in the other hill towns that lie further south.


Lizard sculptures, Pyramids de Guimar Ethnological Park, Tenerife


What is the Pyramids de Guimar Ethnological Park?
The Ethnological Park was constructed around a series of step pyramids that were ‘discovered’ in the 1990s. As well as being dedicated to the pyramids, it also takes a look at their relation with other ancient civilisations as well as the life and works of Thor Heyerdahl, without whom the park wouldn’t exist.

What do you get for your money?
Apart from the pyramids there is a museum dedicated to ancient civilisations; an auditorium where a 15 minute documentary throws some light on the park’s existence; an exhibition room about the life and travels of Thor Heyerdahl with replicas of the reed boats he used in his adventures; an Easter Island exhibition; a café, shop and children’s area and 20,000 m2 of gardens with two walking routes (the botanical route and the exportation route).


Boat building model, Pyramids de Guimar Ethnological Park, Tenerife


In favour of a visit
The Guimar Valley is a suitably stunning location for these marvellously mysterious constructions. The park is full of juicy ingredients and which gets us thinking about our ancestors. It’s atmospheric, interesting and beautifully laid out and should suit those interested in history, nature, culture and Tenerife.
What people who like the park say: ‘Thought provoking.’

Against a visit
The Guimar step pyramids aren’t anywhere like as impressive as the Pyramids of Giza. Anyone expecting big golden triangles is going to be disappointed. The Pyramids de Guimar Ethnological Park isn’t a theme park. Nothing happens.
What people who don’t like the park say: ‘Nothing to do.’


Replica reed boats, Pyramids de Guimar Ethnological Park, Tenerife


The bottom line is that whilst the Pyramids de Guimar Ethnological Park will ignite the imagination of some people, others will see a pile of stones that sit there doing nothing.

Whether it’s worth a visit or not really depends on the interests of each individual.

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  1. Sonjie says:

    I think that sums it up pretty well. I went and really enjoyed it, but I like going to museums, and what they mainly have there are some museum-type exhibitions, so if you like museums, you’ll like it, but if you think museums are boring, don’t go.

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