Not Just A Plaza, A Window On The Heart Of Adeje

Wed, January 12th, 2011 - By Colin

Show me a fence with a hole in it and I will press my beady eye up against it and have a good gawp. Sadly even after the official inauguration of the newly revamped Plaza de España in September 2010, gawping and squinting were the only ways to witness the work of architect Fernando Martín Menis for several months.

Now that shyness has been overcome it’s difficult to see why they didn’t flaunt it earlier. The smooth concrete canvas could have clashed terribly with the old stone Ayuntamiento building and church of Santa Ursula that it sits between in Calle Grande, but the bold stark lines and 27 metre high tower make great counter points, and the welcoming openness is like an invitation to dance, sing and generally enjoy the musical and cultural events that will be held there.

If that is the frame, then the Barranco del Infierno provides the masterpiece as the backdrop. A shelf-like stage seems to fall away directly into the depths of the ravine that has carved its way through the history of Adeje but a closer look reveals a mirador (viewpoint) that skirts it just below for an even closer inspection of the twisting stratas of rock.

Allowing my eyes to look upwards Roque del Conde provides a reliable sentinel with the sun creating a myriad patches of light and shade along the course of the barranco. Specks of colour from hang gliders pepper the sky as they ride the air currents behind the church spire, the new concrete tower and between the peaks of the surrounding mountains. As a place of reflection the plaza was already attracting a good mix of locals and tourists and the steps up to the church entrance funnel visitors into the cool interior of the large ornate place of worship.

Calle Grande is the main artery of Adeje and the setting for its finest act, the Good Friday re-enactment of The Passion. This year the new look plaza will provide a new gathering point for the thousands who flock to see this amazing piece of historical choreography. Young plants and palms will grow and add to the character of Plaza de España but ultimately the people that use it will make it a welcome addition to one of the most serene of Tenerife towns.

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