Why Playa de San Marcos is one of Tenerife’s Best Beaches

Fri, December 10th, 2010 - By Steve

You may have heard about Icod de los Vinos where the famous ancient Drago Milenario 1,000-year-old dragon tree grows, but how about Playa de San Marcos? This little beach is thought by many people, and I am one of them, to be one of the best in Tenerife, and it is only a few kilometres from Icod.

To get there just follow the signposts on the road that leads down to the sea and the charming seaside village of San Marcos. Just before you get to Playa de San Marcos you will see a large car-park and if coming by car you may have to park there because spaces at the front are often taken. There is also the bus number 362 that runs from Icod to Playa de San Marcos and returns every hour with the last one going back at 8.30 pm.

The black sand beach is very popular with sunbathers and real bathers too, who like to go in for a dip or a swim across the bay. I’m not the sort who likes going in the sea though. It’s crazy I know. Here I am on a subtropical island with beaches that are a holiday-maker’s dream and yet I never take the plunge. But I have been known to go dancing in the water on the midsummer’s Night of St John. That is the night when magic is in the air.

Playa de San Marcos is sheltered by cliffs and at the top of it are a convenient range of bars and restaurants. It is a wonderful place to have a meal and watch the sun go down over the bay, which often has little fishing boats bobbing gently on the waves. I’m a regular at the Italia in Bocca where the staff all know me by name. They know what I like too. My usual order is a Pizza Campañola washed down with a chilled Dorada Especial. You can look down over the beach as you enjoy your meal.

One night when I was there enjoying mine, a family of local people were sitting at a nearby table and I couldn’t help but notice that a little dog had his own seat. He was getting fed with tasty titbits by the members of the family, who obviously treated him as one.

That heart-warming little incident is just one of the many reasons I think so highly of Playa de San Marcos. The same evening as I made my way home I stopped to look back on the sunset. The sky was a mixture of flaming pinks, glowing orange and shades of plum-purple. A hummingbird hawk moth was hovering and sipping nectar from a bougainvillea that was in full bloom. I felt there was nowhere better I could ask to be and it was as if everything was right with the world in San Marcos.

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