Does Playa de las Americas Deserve Its Press?

Mon, August 5th, 2013 - By Linda

Playa de las Americas is Tenerife’s most famous town. It’s undeniably a lively place for hen parties and celebrations, but if you enjoy a quieter life, should you allow the press to put you off vacationing there? Had you asked that same question a few years back I might have replied, “Choose somewhere else,” but visiting friends on holiday changed my mind.


La Troya Beach


Playa de las Americas is hard to pinpoint, part of the resort is in Arona, and part in Adeje, for one thing; so that the northern end segues into the upmarket Costa Adeje; and at the southern end it’s hard to say where Los Cristianos ends and Las Americas begins.

My friends were staying at the “far end,” near Puerto Colon, and, honestly, I was aghast when they told me. These friends are very active, loving hiking and cycling in the countryside. Bewildered by their choice I set off to find them.

It was a pleasant surprise to see how the street, where their hotel was located, had changed, from a traffic-clogged thoroughfare to a neat, pedestrianized area, since I was last there. Much of the “main drag” in Las Americas now has restricted traffic access. Once inside the hotel the outside world’s noise melted away. I found them, as instructed, lounging by the pool, a sophisticated place, which you could easily mistake for Fiji or Hawaii.


Geranium Walk


They explained their choice of venue. Planning their holiday, they’d decided to have alternate days active and relaxing. Since it was winter, they’d opted for Tenerife’s south coast. The modern hotel provided everything they needed to wind down and be spoiled. It was also two minutes from the ocean, so the pool wasn’t the only option, and the walkway, close by, took them to La Caleta in one direction, or Los Cristianos in the other, for a change of scene on their relax day.


Surfers at sunset, Playa de Las Americas


They’d decided not to hire a car, and the bus station, served by the local TITSA bus service was a short enough walk, or taxi ride if necessary. From there they’d taken buses to the Teide National Park and to Puerto de la Cruz thus far. This would have been more difficult had they been staying in the sort of rural hotel I’d expected to find them in. In addition, if they didn’t want to eat in their hotel, they knew that there were excellent restaurants within easy reach, offering international cuisine.


Restaurants, Playa de las Americas


It would be naïve to deny that plenty of youngsters come to the resort for its nightlife, but this day, as we watched surfers silhouetted against the sun sinking dramatically into the Atlantic, made me realize that it’s a great town for active people too. As we watched, joggers and cyclists sped past, and, had I not been the gooseberry, it would have also been a very romantic scene for my friends! We followed up with a world-class meal in the Safari Center. The exclusive shops beckoned, and bars around the area were buzzing, but there was none of the drunkenness I feared. It was glizzy and bright but a very different experience from what I expected.

So ask me now about its reputation, and I will tell you that Las Americas, in fact, has something for everyone.

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2 Responses to “Does Playa de las Americas Deserve Its Press?”

  1. Dazzler says:

    I find it odd that, as a resident, you have obviously had the same mindset as the tv travel shows who peddle the same old rubbish about Las Americas that they have been churning out for years. Have you never wondered before why people return to the South so many times? Or did you just assume we were all 18-30’s?
    Sorry, no offence, but I found your article a tiny bit patronising.

  2. Linda says:

    I’m afraid that it’s at least 26 years since I saw a tv travel show in the UK, so I have no idea what it is they opine these days. My intention was to highlight that people who prefer more cultural or active, outdoors activities, shouldn’t rule out Playa de las Americas as their hub for the holiday. There is a certain amount of snobbery attached to “not” going there, which is largely unjustified…..a lesson I learned from my friends’ vacation choices… intention was to point out that such snobbery is unnecessary.

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