Playa De La Arena Pride Of The West

Fri, March 8th, 2013 - By Colin

With 50 years of bathing service and uninterrupted European Union blue flags for quality since 1988, Playa de la Arena is loud and proud in its claim as best beach on the west coast of Tenerife. It’s not just the carnival and fiestas that bring out the competitive edge between coastal towns and resorts, Los Gigantes will point to its iconic towering cliffs and Playa San Juan will champion its port and beach combination but Playa de la Arena tends its beach with pride and has added some distinctly modern touches.


Playa de la Arena beach


Free Wi Fi on the beach and a weather information board that would make the TV pundits green with envy help to give the beach a modern and cared for feel. It’s all come a long way since the Playa del Sol complex attracted the first community, the bare undeveloped crescent is now bustling with bathers and lifeguards. Sometimes the waves get wild, but normally it’s calm enough to take disabled water fans in with the special buggies. If you can think of something that’s missing there is always the suggestion desk – blimey they even have a seat so you can take your time to compose your idea.


Playa de la Arena beach


The natural bay is surrounded by rocks on either side that are popular fishing points, the taller outcrops even attract high divers. If you follow the walkway around to the west side there’s a large open area used as a heliport which has great views along to Los Gigantes. When the tummies start to rumble you can be eating before the sand has dried between your toes, at beach level Pancho Restaurant has been a few palm-shaded steps away since 1963 and Restaurant Neptuno gives a nice side sweep of the bay and has a terrace that protrudes over the shore line. To the back of the beach La Sirena 2 is another easy access favourite, all three feature fish at its best.


Playa de la Arena beach


Once you emerge at street level Seguro del Sol commercial complex offers a wide choice of cafes, bars and shops in a three tier chocolate box of delights, the Tourist Information Office on the top level can give good advice and pointers on weekdays from 7.30 am to 2.30 pm. At night the strip is popular with several bars such as The Blarney Stone and Highland Paddy offering live music and late fun – many holiday makers from the more sedate Los Gigantes end the night here. If confirmation is needed of the draw of the sea and sand, two large four star hotels now look down on the area, the Playa de la Arena Hotel has old roots and a couple of major upgrades in the last decade and they have been joined by the Luabay Costa Los Gigantes with the slightly misleading name, just along the coast at Puerto Santiago. At the southern edge of town in Varadero, the ever popular Barcelo Varadero is also within easy amble of the beach.


Playa de la Arena beach


Playa de la Arena will keep waving the blue flag and adding converts to its west coast fan club.

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