The Four Best Places to Eat Pizza in South Tenerife

Mon, October 1st, 2012 - By Linda

“Why not write about the best pizzas in the south?” suggested a friend. My eyes lit up. This was definitely research I was up for. It’s wonderful trying the traditional guachinches or the high-end, innovative restaurants, but there are times when only a great pizza and a cold beer will hit the spot. Granted, the south could encompass the area from Candelaria to Los Gigantes, but since I didn’t want to end up like Bessie Bunter I limited my research to the area between Costa Adeje and El Médano.



Let’s be honest, Tenerife, like everywhere, has opportunist establishments, which smear a bit of tomato over a pre-made crust, chuck on whatever you order and sprinkle a bit of cheese over it all. That’s not pizza! Great pizza is freshly made, has a crisp, light-as-air base, and a generous topping.

1.  Just off El Médano’s main square, on a quiet corner, you will find Wairua. After 9pm you’ll see the queue before you spot the restaurant. That’s how good it is. The town is not short on good eateries, but still they queue outside Wairua, and in my ratio-of-topping-to-base test, they came out tops. The service is friendly-enough, given that they are constantly busy, but not attentive. A minor detail if you want to try the best pizza within easy reach of Los Abrigos or Golf del Sur – believe me, I tried others and they just don’t measure up. Try the goats’ cheese topping, it really is to-die-for.

2.  Moving west, just outside of Costa del Silencio, almost opposite the gas station in Las Rosas you will find Pizzeria Burlamacco, an unassuming, friendly Italian restaurant, where all the food, including the pizza is made with love and caring. If I lived closer I would probably eat there every week, and their pizzas easily passed my ratio-of-base-to-topping test.

Sunset over Las Vistas beach


3.  I knew that Los Cristianos was my biggest challenge, its main streets lined with eateries, many of them Italian, and some excellent, but, end of the day, my vote had to go to Piccolo in the San Telmo complex. Though it’s right in the middle of a busy tourist zone, local, Italian ex-pats eat there, so what better recommendation could you have? Add to that amiable servers and an unrivalled view over Las Vistas beach (especially in winter when it’s worth going just for the sunsets). The only problem I have is that everything is so good, not only the pizza.

Deep pan pizza


4.  You might think that the Playa de las Americas to Costa Adeje area would be hardest, with its plethora of restaurants, but, for locals of all nationalities, there is one name which is synonymous with pizza in South Tenerife, and that’s Roy’s Pizza in Torviscas, and here’s where I deviate from my rule, forget light and crispy bases, because their deep-pan pizzas are off-the-scale. Roy introduced South Tenerife to deep-pan pizza back in 1992, and no-one has ever come close to matching them. They also have an excellent delivery service if you’re having a night-in with your sunburn.

According to one sit-com pundit pizza is one of the five main food groups. I’m inclined to agree, for sure I can’t go for too long without one, so perhaps I’ll see you in one of my favourite places?

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  1. I am here for my holidays, visited Costa del Silencio and the pizza out there is just amazing. YUMM! and for dinning i visited La Estancia.

    I will try other three pizza places and will let you know my feedback here.

    I am enjoying my holiday here.

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