New Places To Eat in El Médano

Wed, December 18th, 2013 - By Linda

I have a bias when it comes to El Médano. I lived there off and on over ten years. Whilst it lacks the glitz of Playa de las Americas and the tranquillity of Poris de Abona, it has a special vibe, as has been noted in this blog.


Agua Cafe, El Medano


Not least amongst its attractions for me was the variety and quantity of good places to eat without emptying my wallet – so much so that I wrote about my favorite places a couple of years back. Recently it occurred to me that new eateries have opened, and others have changed hands or updated themselves, and I have added new favourites to my list.


Veggie burger, Veinte 04, El Medano


One of the nice things about El Médano, compared to most resorts, like, say Los Cristianos is that you don’t have to wander its side streets, away from the beach, to find delicious and reasonably-priced food. My new favourite bar is right there in the town’s main square.

Veinte 04 has been open now for over a year, offering everything from late breakfasts to dinner with music. It’s one of those rare places that seem to appeal to everyone. The outside tables are always busy with folk from every walk of life, young mums whose kids play in the nearby kiddie park, windsurfers killing time until the wind comes up, tourists (especially on market day), and workers taking time out. Inside, the décor is shabby chic meets surf city, eclectic and colourful. The food is fairly light, and has a cosmopolitan feel. Their burgers are simply to die for and come in five different guises. I’ve tried most of the menu, and loved everything I’ve had. I have to make a special mention for the homemade guacamole, and especially for their very friendly service.


Agua cafe, El Medano


Veinte 04 used to be just another bar, so did the establishment which is now Agua Café, to be found around the middle of the boardwalk. A scant year ago it was your average Canarian cuisine and pine furniture, now it’s undergone a transformation in both menu and décor. Today its colourful, almost Caribbean-style theme vibes a fun place to eat or hang out, and comfy seating invites you to linger to watch the activity on beach and ocean, whilst sampling an imaginative and well-priced variety of dishes. Suffice to say, its tables are now much busier than before.


Lata de Gofio, El Medano


Tons of imagination has gone into the tiny Lata de Gofio near Playa Chica. Inside is a chaos of bric a brac, and the lack of space outside has been resolved by using barrels as tables, giving it trendy ambience, as you sit right there on the walkway. Here’s another place with super-friendly service. Their menu, at first glance, is pretty ordinary – that is, until it comes. Traditional dishes have a touch of the unexpected, and be warned that their portions are generous. It’s the sort of place when you order tapas until you can’t eat any more, but that might happen sooner than you think!

El Médano’s quirkiness, as my lifeguard friend likes to say, these days is “de moda” ….. the trendy place to be for locals and those in-the-know. New places seem to be popping up all the time, so I’ll keep you informed – but not without trying them first, of course!

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