Pinolere Craft Fair, Where Nature Puts On a Lavish Spread

Fri, August 16th, 2013 - By Colin

Every basket case in Tenerife will be heading for Pinolere in the La Orotava valley from 30 August to 1st September. Cestoria is the art of weaving and you can see it in all it’s glory at the 28th annual arts and crafts show along with a wide range of traditions, crafts, skills and foods at this mammoth gathering of 200 artisans.


Pinolere Craft fair


The old ways of life are kept alive all year round in the Parque Etnografico in Pinolere, a small village of 700 inhabitants. From stone wall construction to straw loft building and grinding cereals with ancient mill stones, the skills are nurtured and techniques passed on to a new generation. The Pinolere Craft show attracted 30,000 visitors last year over the three days to sample cheeses, jams, cigars, toys, biscuits, music, dancing and games.


Pinolere Craft Fair


What an amazing setting. 10,000 square metres of display area in layers of terraced hillside under the watchful gaze of the pine forests, and all just a short drive from Puerto de la Cruz. There’s something for everyone with regular shows and displays from cooking to sports and music in the main performance area. This is wine country so there’s no shortage of tasty tipples to wash down the many food choices on offer. Honey and cheese are always popular local products but there are always plenty of exhibitors from the other Canary Islands to offer a variation in tastes.


Pinolere Craft fair


How about some physical action? The special display areas will have regular demonstrations of dancing and some of the popular rural sports. Juego del Palo is a stick fighting discipline dating back to the Guanches, the early aboriginal inhabitants of Tenerife. It’s all very civilised these days with point scoring replacing the intention of hurting the opponent.


Pinolere Craft fair


If basket weaving conjures up images of home made presents on the cheap, you’re in for a revelation. These baskets are large, intricate and very sturdy, you could safely put all your local eggs in one of these. The same basic technique can also be used to thatch roofs for large circular dwellings; nature and necessity make a pretty impressive double act when you only have the most basic building materials.

There are always interesting new ideas being explored at Pinolere, one of this year’s demonstrations is solar cooking, your appetite will get a good workout among the tempting flavours of the show.

Pinolere Artisans Fair, 30th August -1st September; follow the signs from La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz, heading towards Aguamansa on the TF21; official opening first day at 12.30, then 10am to 9pm daily, entry is just 2.50 euros.

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