A Photo Guide to Santa Cruz

Fri, December 14th, 2012 - By Jack Montgomery

Santa Cruz – The capital of Tenerife is also the cultural capital of the island. Like any city it has areas that are unattractive concrete jungles but it also boasts treasures galore to reward those who pound its sunny streets.

Tens of thousands of cruise passengers alight at its port every year, many immediately heading off to seek out Tenerife’s biggest attractions. But are they missing out on a Tenerife treat parked right on their temporary doorstep?

Plaza España

 Plaza España, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Santa Cruz doesn’t have a good city beach although it does have a funky swimming pool complex as well as Plaza España’s eye-catching lake sized fountain. However, there isn’t always water and, worse, if there is and you dip your toes in, you run the risk of having your collar felt by the local boys in azul – unless CD Tenerife are promoted in which case a dip is allowed.

Shopping – Fresh Food

Nuestra Señora de africa Market, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

The African market is worth a visit to play ‘identify the unusual vegetable’. There’s nothing particularly African about it apart from the fact that it’s named after Nuestra Señora de Africa. But it’s a great looking market to pick up the best local produce.

I Like the Nightlife

 Tenerife Auditorio, Santa Cruz

There are too-cool-for-school bars and there are cosy tapas bars. But THE place to watch famous names and big musicals like Beauty and the Beast is Tenerife’s Auditorium, the king of Tenerife’s architectural world designed by superstar architect Santiago Calatrava.

Food and Restaurants

Noria District, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

From atmospheric tascas to sophisticated food shrines, Santa Cruz has the lot. A popular spot for a post-work drink and tapas are the bustling pavement bars in the Noria district. Dress like a fashionista and take up smoking again to fit in.

Picturesque Plazas Part I

Plaza Weyler, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

You’re never too far from a plaza with personality in Santa Cruz. Plaza Weyler is a classically beautiful square surrounded by serious buildings. Finding a seat in the shade to escape the sun can be a difficult mission though. Thankfully, there’s a tapas restaurant if the local golden oldies are bogarting the benches.

Picturesque Plazas Part II

Bench, Plaza de los Patos, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Even the benches are interesting in Plaza de los Patos are interesting and act as a reminder how artistic advertising used to be.

Art in the Park

Parque Garcia Sanabria, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Parque García Sanabria is more than a park, it’s an open air art gallery featuring works by top artists. It’s not at all pretentious – actually it is, but it’s also a fun place to explore. My favourite spot is the refreshing jade bamboo tunnel, then again there’s the voluptuous Fecundidad sculpture, or the tiny frogs who have big voices, or…

Getting Around

Tram, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

There’s an open-topped tourist bus, but gliding through the Santa Cruz streets on a brightly coloured tram feels both a modern and old fashioned way to get around whilst having a good old nosey at life in the city.

Party Time

 Carnival, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

The highlight of the year is Carnaval, a big, bouncy and brilliant affair that attracts upwards of 100,000 revellers. Dress up, let it all hang out and have fun – it’s what carnaval is there for.

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3 Responses to “A Photo Guide to Santa Cruz”

  1. Great article, Jack. I was in Santa Cruz de Tenerife fairly recently and caught some of these sights. Will have to allow myself more time next visit to see the rest.

  2. David Newman says:

    Just coming to the end of a months holiday in Santa Cruz your photos give a good insight to what’s in store for the visitor, there is so much to Santa Cruz and we have found something new and different everyday to delight us.

  3. Thanks David. Glad you had a good time in Santa Cruz. I never tire of visiting the city. Like you say, there’s always something new to discover.

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