A Photo Guide to La Laguna

Wed, December 4th, 2013 - By Jack Montgomery

It’s real name is San Cristóbal de La Laguna but your mouth would get tired if you had to roll that out every time you mentioned it so everyone calls it La Laguna. Incredibly La Laguna’s charms remain somewhat of a secret to most visitors to Tenerife despite the fact that, with Santa Cruz, it’s where the greatest concentration of Canarios live; it used to be the capital of the island; it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its preserved historical streets and its street layout was used in the design of many a South American city.

Hotels in La Laguna


Hotel Aguere, La Laguna, tenerife
There were more hotels in La Laguna a century ago than there are now. What there are now tend to be colonial town houses with more charm than star ratings like the Hotel Aguere or the Hotel Nivaria. Both are in the old quarter so near to La Laguna’s best bits.

I Like the Nightlife


Echo and the Bunnymen in concert, La Laguna, tenerife

La Laguna is a university city with an area designed to meeting the nocturnal habits of its students. Which means nightlife can be lively if you know where to look. At other parts it can seem as though it’s as quiet as the proverbial grave. There are plenty of live music concerts in the city with some surprising names, like Echo and the Bunnymen, turning up at concert venues and musical festivals.

Food and Restaurants


Cafe, La Laguna, tenerife

Seek and ye shall find quaint tascas with traditional food and hanging hams, trendy cafés, modern fusion restaurants, wine bars, creperies and some of the best Lebanese food on the island often hidden away behind humble doorways. La Laguna lies at around 600 metres, so there aren’t always exterior tables and chairs to identify restaurants.

Gardens in La Laguna


Parque La Vega, La Laguna, tenerife

There’s not the same range of gardens that you’ll find in Santa Cruz or Puerto de la Cruz. Head through open colonial doorways and you’ll find plenty of courtyard gardens though. Even the pools, plants, birdlife, BMX circuit and climbing rock at Parque La Vaga is hidden away on an approach road to the city centre.

Museums in La Laguna


Shoe Exhibition, La Laguna, tenerife

Apart from the History Museum and the Museum of Science and the Cosmos there are quirky alternatives in La Laguna. A historic facade may hide surprises like an exhibition of shoes worn in famous films.

Shopping in La Laguna


Food Market, La Laguna, tenerife

From independent fashion outlets with sexy little numbers to dusty shops selling beautifully crafted model houses that seem a throwback to another era, La Laguna has the sort of shopping that you don’t see on such a scale in other parts of Tenerife. Unmissable is the food market at Plaza del Cristo.

World Heritage Site


UNESCO World Heritage Site, La Laguna, tenerife

La Laguna’s main attraction is its historic streets. Some are unchanged since Victorian travellers walked their cobbles. There’s a reason it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Picturesque Plazas


Laza del Adelantado, La Laguna, tenerife

Nowadays all the fiesta and festival action takes place on the immense Plaza del Cristo but Plaza del Adelantado in the heart of the old quarter has much more charm.

Fiesta Fun


Semana Santa, La Laguna, tenerife

There is a lot of fiesta fun in La Laguna from colourful romerías to boisterous carnival celebrations. But the one that stands out is more solemn than fun but completely captivating. Santa Semana (Easter) and the procession of hooded brotherhoods is a surprisingly poignant experience.

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