A Photo Guide to Garachico

Fri, April 26th, 2013 - By Jack Montgomery

Garachico, one of the prettiest towns on Tenerife, welcomes hordes of visitors every day. Most, however, leave with the sun and so only enjoy the briefest taste of this unlucky but charming little town.

Beaches – Garachico’s Rock Pools


Rock Pools in Garachico

Garachico does have a rocky beach below the lava flow that destroyed its role as Tenerife’s main port. But much more fun and interesting are the rock pools in the solidified lava that runs along the seafront. This is the natural playground of the local youths and much more unusual (and cheaper) than Siam Park in Costa Adeje.

Shopping in Garachico – Artisan and Cigars


Shopping in Garachico

The shops in Garachico are mainly aimed at day-trippers so a good place for picking up some local handicrafts. I was once tempted by a goatskin wine flask. There are usually a few guys around hand-rolling cigars (sorry, no dusky maidens here) which are a good buy… even if the tobacco leaves come from La Palma.

Hotels in Garachico


Hotel in Garachico

Hotels in Garachico are chic, boutique and unique. Visitors who stay in Garachico have a handful of some stunning looking historic hotels to choose from. San Roque is probably the best but La Quinta Roja Hotel’s location is a winner. You won’t find hotels like these in Playa de las Américas or Costa Adeje.

I Like the Nightlife


Nightlife in Garachico

Ideal if you like the sipping local vino with only the sound of the sea as company… except when the local Hell’s Angels roar into town for a mini music festival. Don’t worry if you’re seeking tranquillity, that doesn’t happen much.

Food and Restaurants


Tapas in Garachico

Restaurants can be a bit of a mixed bag. A sizeable captive daily audience can mean that quality can vary but generally there are plenty of places to try the local tapas. Anything fishy or with tentacles is usually good.

Green Scene


Park in Garachico

Parque Puerta Tierra is home to the lava engulfed harbour’s old toll gate as well as a few other curios amidst its leafy paths. It’s also a good place to get a nice shot of the town’s red-tiled rooftops.

Picturesque Plazas


Church in Garachico

Plaza de la Libertad is my favourite town square in Tenerife (probably). You get two churches, palm and Indian bay trees, a South American freedom fighter, noisy card-playing locals, terrapins and a bandstand bar from which to enjoy it all.

Fiesta Fun


Fiestas in Garachico

Every five years the locals throw fireballs down the hill to commemorate the volcanic eruption which destroyed their port in 1706. Every year in August they throw eggs, gofio cakes and potatoes at the crowds as part of the Romería de San Roque. They like throwing things in Garachico.

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