Party and Pose at Kaluna Beach Club

Fri, August 14th, 2015 - By Andrea Montgomery

Over the past couple of years, the south of Tenerife has seen the emergence of a new way to combine two of the designer generation’s greatest loves, tanning and posing. Once the preserve of luxury, front line hotels, today the beach club has become the Tenerife place to see and be seen, with new, cool venues opening their Bali beds every season. Celebrating its first birthday at the start of the summer, Kaluna Beach Club is the latest party-and-pose place to lure the tanning crowd.


Kaluna Beach Club


Overlooking Playa Pinta in Puerto Colón, the white sofas, Rattan chairs and mirrored surfaces of the Kaluna Bar reflect the endless blue, June sky that is such a magnet for residents and holidaymakers alike. In front of its shiny, pristine seating area, Stuart Stone, one of two resident DJs at the Kaluna, keeps the ambient chill out mood simmering with his Funky House and Tribal sounds.


Kaluna Beach Club


Kicking back with cocktails, club sandwiches and Ray Bans are the all-important clientele who no longer just ‘hit the beach’, now they hit the beach club. A predominantly British crowd of 20, 30 and 40-somethings, evenly split between holidaymakers and residents, is kicking back on the deluxe sun loungers and sipping Sangria in the infinity pool with its grandstand view of La Gomera. Alongside Geranium Walk, a row of wooden, thatched, circular cabins are providing a table and some welcome shade for a group of friends sharing lunch and a few beers. The whole scene feels like a private pool party.


Kaluna Beach Club


From the outside, Kaluna Beach looks like the sort of place that would have your wallet requiring oxygen just by crossing the threshold, and there’s no doubt that a day here is going to cost you more than a day just throwing your towel on the beach below. But looking at the drinks and snacks menus, prices are surprisingly on par with what you’d pay at any venue along the Costa Adeje front line. Cocktails are €6.50 and a premium G&T is €8. A Kaluna burger will cost you €9.75 while steak and chips will set you back €13.

It’s the minimum spend for laying your bikini clad body on one of the deluxe sun loungers that will have your credit card running for cover. In summer season, one of those front line beds will set you back a minimum spend of €35 per person which makes the cost of hiring sun loungers on the beach below suddenly look very reasonable. Opt for a poolside VIP cabin and it will cost you a minimum spend of €350.


Kaluna Beach Club


So why bother going to Kaluna Beach Club when you could just as easily go to the beach? For one thing, you get super efficient service with drinks and snacks delivered to your elbow. For another, you get great sounds to go with your über cool surroundings, and a sun lounger that’s so comfy you’re liable to nod off. As this is not the sort of place where you really want to do your dribbling Homer Simpson impersonation, you might want to watch that. But most of all, if you want to strut your designer stuff while bronzing up, this is the place for you.

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