Is Parque García Sanabria in Santa Cruz the Best Park in the World?

Mon, February 28th, 2011 - By Jack Montgomery

For three years it lay hidden behind a steel blockade; a secret to the outside world. I’d heard stories from people who claimed they’d been inside that treasures lay within, and their tales only fuelled my desire to explore its leafy paths and secret corners.

After what seemed an eternity the steel fence came down and Parque García Sanabria in Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz opened its gates to the public and I was able to discover at last whether the tales were true. What I found was one of the most enchanting parks I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating an ice cream in on a sunny day.

That was back in 2006 and since then the park has flourished and bloomed. Today, now that it’s a bit older and more mature, it’s even more magical. Every time I travel into the capital I make time to be seduced by its heady mix of tropical plants and open air art gallery…and to see the lady with the big boobies.

Known locally as the lungs of the city, Parque García Sanabria is a refreshing oasis in a hot and steamy concrete jungle. It’s often overlooked by those who arrive in the capital without a travel guidebook as it lies away from the coast opposite the grand old Hotel Mencey on the Rambla General Franco.

From first sight of the constantly changing floral clock and Gaudí-esque café beside the main entrance, it’s clear that this is no ordinary park…more of a verdant wonderland. The park’s centrepiece fountain of the lady with the big boobies (the wonderfully voluptuous ‘Fecundidad’ sculpture to the more cultured amongst you) beckons immediately, but before submitting to her charms, take time to explore the paths that spiral in ever decreasing circles around the park.

The way is full of surprises and imaginative touches that include tragic local artist Oscar Dominguez’ ‘Monument to a Cat’ – a feline face amongst the flowers; lily ponds glinting in the sun where the frog song can be deafening; classical Italian styled floral arches; abstract sculptures including a flour bag tree (you’d have to see it to understand); a swimming pool sized fountain beside which locals practice gentle aerobics and T’ai Chi and my personal favourite, a long emerald bamboo tunnel whose sandy path is turned lilac by fallen jacaranda petals.

Eventually the spiral path leads back to Fecundidad and the fountain that keeps her cool in the city heat. Surrounding her are perfectly placed benches, ideal for relaxing and being hypnotised by the rainbows in the spray around Fecundidad’s thighs whilst bright green parrots squawking in the trees add a totally tropical soundtrack. It is quite simply a blissful experience.

With Santa Cruz only a forty minute drive from Los Cristianos, Playa de las Américas and Costa Adeje, and a thirty minute drive from Puerto de la Cruz, Parque García Sanabria is a Tenerife treasure worth seeking out.

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