What NOT To Pack For Your Tenerife Holidays

Mon, April 28th, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

With so many low cost flights, it’s easier than ever to pick up a bargain holiday to Tenerife. But the costs of additional cases can soon add up. The best way to keep your luggage weight as low as possible and so save on hidden costs, is to pack only essentials such as medicines, your best holiday outfits and those things you can’t get easily and cheaply when you get here. For everything else – there’s a shop nearby. Here are my ‘what NOT to pack’ suggestions:


Cheap toiletries, Tenerife


In my experience it’s the toiletries that weigh as much as anything else when it comes to the luggage, and with only 100 mls to go in hand luggage, you’ve got little option but to put it in the case. Or have you?
Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturisers, toothpaste, cleansers and suntan lotion are all widely available on the island and are often the same price, or cheaper than you’ll pay in the UK. There are outlets of major supermarkets such as Mercadona, Hypertrebol, Hyperdino, Al Campo, Lidl and Altesa in most of the resort areas where you can stock up on major brands. Just leave what’s left when you go.

If you haven’t yet made the move to Kindle (and I admit, I haven’t), stocking up on reading material can be the kiss of death for that tell tale scales on the check-in desk which is always set higher than every other scales in existence – or at least, that’s how it feels to me. Opt instead for a visit to the Bookswop in Puerto Colón where you’ll find a huge selection of used books on offer at silly prices. Apart from saving money at the airport WH Smiths shop, it’s nice to pass books on when you’ve read them and share the pleasure with others.


Sandals, flip flops, cholas


Another ‘killer’ item in the suitcase. An obvious tip is to wear your heaviest pair when you travel and try to plan your outfits around as few pairs as you can manage. But when it comes to flip flops or cholas as they’re known here, just head to the myriad of tourist shops that back Playa de Las Vistas in Los Cristianos and  Playas Troya in Costa Adeje and any large supermarket where you’ll find dizzying choices for just a few Euros. Check out Carolina Boix too (outlets in La Villa, La Orotava; Safari Centre, Playa de Las Américas; AlCampo, La Laguna; San Isidro) for fashion day and evening shoes at low prices.

Beach Towels
Don’t even go there. You can pick up towels at any beach kiosk for under €10 and just leave them when you’re going home – it’s cheaper than carrying and washing them.


baby foods


Baby Foods and Nappies
The brands may not be the same as you get at home but you can pick up baby foods and nappies at all supermarkets and save on all that weight and space. You might be trading shepherd’s pie and chicken casserole dinners for paella and chorizo but it’s never too soon to get Junior into trying different tastes.

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