Notching Up The Biggest and Best of Tenerife’s Attractions

Mon, April 29th, 2013 - By Andrea Montgomery

Some people like to spot trains; some prefer to sight rare birds and many worldwide visitors like to tick off their list of the biggest, highest and longest things to see and do. So, just for the record, here is Tenerife’s claim-to-fame list of attractions for you to boast about.


Teide National Park


Teide National Park. When it comes to boasting rights, the number one visitor attraction on Tenerife need never be shy in the changing rooms. More than simply the highest mountain in Spain, it’s also the third highest volcano in the world, measured from base to summit (Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa in Hawaii being the first and second highest respectively) and it has the highest insolation (exposure to sunlight) ratio in Spain, notching up an astonishing 3,448.5 hours of sunshine per year.


Highest public phone in Spain


Riding on the back of Mount Teide’s manhood, the cable car restaurant has the distinction of being Spain’s highest restaurant and the sharp-eyed amongst you will have spotted that the telephone box at the upper cable car station claims to be the highest public phone in Spain.

Head south from Teide National Park and you’ll soon find yourself in Vilaflor whose entry in the Spain’s record books is listed under Spain’s highest occupied village.


Inside Cueva del Viento


Moving out of the glare of the sunshine and into the ground, a visit to the Cueva del Viento  in Icod de los Vinos will earn you a tick against an entry of ‘largest volcanic tube in the European Union‘ and fourth longest in the world, spreading for 18 kilometres in a labyrinth of underground caves and passages in the hillside of Icod de los Vinos.

Head north to Puerto de la Cruz and to Loro Parque and you can notch up a few more entries in the biggest and best while you’re there. The largest and most diverse collection of parrots in the world fill the air with squawks while Planet Penguin provides the largest artificial iceberg in the world and one of the largest colonies of penguins outside of Antartica.


Dragon at Siam Park


Fly south to Siam Park in Costa Adeje and you’ll find yourself in Europe’s most spectacular aquatic park where you can get spewed out into a whirlpool beneath the fiery snout of the largest dragon in the world, if you’re daft, sorry, brave enough you also can ride the biggest artificial waves in the world, up to 3 metres high.


Millenium Drago Tree


From artificial dragons to real ones and a star on this biggest and best of Tenerife collection is the poor old Drago tree in Icod de Los Vinos. The largest and oldest surviving drago tree, the poor thing has long had to suffer the indignity of being  shored up by concrete to ensure it stays on its feet and now appears to be having some enormous, contemporary edifice being constructed on its flank. If you don’t yet have this noble specimen on your ‘seen-it’ list, get there before the vibrations from the building work finish it off.

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  1. I loved the bit about the Icod tunnels…! I featured them and what might still live down there in one of the stories in my TENERIFE TALL TALES TRILOGY.

  2. don walters says:

    There are many more, what about the white sandy beach at Playa d Teresa you could be antwhere in the world with that beach

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