Noche en Blanco, White Nights on Tenerife

Mon, October 6th, 2014 - By Jack Montgomery

As if the zillion fiestas that take place on Tenerife throughout the year wasn’t enough fun for one island to have, there are loads of other events that have the same sort of exuberance and, to a certain extent, ingredients as the average fiesta.

A lot of these you’ll never hear about as they’re often only advertised locally just before they take place. One of my favourites is Noche en Blanco – white night.


Timple player, Noche en Blanco, Tenerife


Noche en Blanco has its roots in an innovation that began in France in the mid 1980s where Nuit Blanche started as a free all night arts and culture festival. From there the concept spread to cities around the world. In Tenerife there’s a Noche en Blanco in La Laguna at the end of November and another in Puerto de la Cruz on 11 October.

If an arts and culture festival sounds a bit highbrow and dry, then you’ve got the wrong idea. The reality is a buzzing, fun affair with something for everyone.

A stroll through last year’s Noche en Blanco should help give an idea of the range of events taking place.


Band tuning up, Noche en Blanco, Tenerife


We started in Plaza del Charco where toddlers were enjoying two types of pony rides – one on a carousel with ponies made from tyres, the other on the real thing. Stalls selling artisan crafts, wines, cheese etc. lined the plaza as we headed past the harbour where a band tuned up.

Getting from the old part of town to the newer part as Playa Martiánez took a bit of time. First of all a red carpet set up for a fashion show restricted access past San Telmo and a row of gleaming classic cars distracted us from progressing quickly. Then we were slowed by a crowd watching a popular local duo as they plucked at timples (small Canarian guitars), sang and joked with the mainly Canario audience.


Classic cars, Noche en Blanco, Tenerife


Once we negotiated them, we reached our goal; the wine and tapas stalls. The wine was mostly local, whilst the tapas ranged from  common pinchos (spiced pork kebabs) to sophisticated concoctions such as montaditos with goats’ cheese and caramel onions served with a glass of cava. Both basic and chic tapas cost next to nothing. We gorged ourselves on a selection of each and listened to the singing and strumming duo before heading back to the old town where most events were taking place.

Plaza Iglesia was a hub of activity with a band singing familiar pop songs on one side whilst stalls sold even more goodies on the other. This time a substantial sweet potato and cod tapa was washed down with a cup of vino del país (red country wine).


Tapas, Noche en Blanco, Tenerife


As the night grew later, there was more and more live music to choose from – indie rock at the harbour, pop groups in various plazas, DJs at Lago Martiánez.

The air buzzed with chatter, laughter and sweet sounds interlaced with the magnetic aroma from tapas and hot, sugared almond stalls. A fiesta feel, but one without a centre of focus. You just wander around dipping in and out of the things that ring your bell. It’s easy, relaxed fun and completely addictive.

That’s Noche en Blanco.

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