Nightlife in Playa de la Arena

Wed, November 24th, 2010 - By Jack Montgomery

The last time I spent an evening in Playa de la Arena I was surprised at how quiet it was. There were plenty of people around during the day, but come darkness nearly all disappeared.
A year later and the number of visitors to Tenerife has risen by 13%. As my sister and her boyfriend were staying in the resort it gave me the opportunity to see if the place had perked up.

Temperatures have been a few degrees higher than is normal for this time of year with wall to wall sunshine, so even though they’d been on Tenerife less than 48 hours, both had more of a tan than me. After a quick catch up over cool Dorada beers on a terrace so hot and sunny that even at 6pm we were squeezed together in the shade to avoid being fried, we headed out for some eats.

With the sun dropping behind La Gomera on the horizon, creating a dazzling light show in the sky, we strolled along the promenade to the centre of the resort. Quite a few restaurants had been spruced up since my last visit making choosing where to eat pleasantly difficult. Saúco was an attractive modern Italian restaurant, Incognito stylishly inviting and we’d read good things about Flor del Drago. In the end we decided on Domingo’s, whose menu is a mix of Canarian and international. It’s tastefully decorated, if a bit pink, and the music was the stuff of elevators, however it was so low that thankfully once the restaurant filled up we couldn’t hear it. Nearly every table was taken by a healthy mix of nationalities including Canarians, so that seemed a good sign.

We ordered beef stroganoff, pork fillet and what must have been a quite portly rabbit if the portion was anything to go by. Service was friendly and quick and the food perfectly cooked and attractively presented. Unusually for Canarian restaurants, main courses were accompanied by fresh vegetables –carrots, green beans and broccoli. For starters and main course for four, including wine and water, the bill came to a wallet friendly €60…and we’d been unable to finish the papas arrugadas.

Although a few restaurants seemed busier than last year, bars didn’t. Every one we passed was almost empty by 10pm. There were a few people in the Pilgrim’s so we parked ourselves there for the rest of the night to right the world’s wrongs. A few ex-pats arrived later, boosting numbers at the bar, but it was hardly buzzing. Bars here do better business in the daytime, especially weekends when they screen just about every football game going.

Although it was a positive sign to see restaurants with a decent amount of customers, bars are clearly still struggling. However, part of Playa de la Arena’s attraction is that night life is low key. The resort’s friendly, intimate charm is one of the reasons my sister returns each year. Still, I don’t think bar owners would complain if more people spent time outside of their hotels of an evening.

Posted : Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 at 9:17 am
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