Nature At Sea Level With Over Keel Kayak Tenerife

Mon, April 27th, 2015 - By Colin

Like children at a sweet shop window the lubina and dorada fish were jostling for position up close to the fish farm cages just off Palm Mar. I could see them all clearly through the glass floor of my kayak but whales and dolphins were heading in to enjoy a free fishy snack from these spectators.


Over Keel Kayak Tenerife


You can’t beat getting up close to nature and the new Over Keel Kayak excursion adds a three dimensional depth to a leisurely paddle out from Los Cristianos beach to the foot of Guaza Mountain. The bigger, two-person kayaks are almost entirely transparent but our group of five were enjoying privileged insights into sea life via the single kayaks.


Over Keel Kayak Tenerife


This was only my second venture into such a boat and I soon got my oars into the rhythm as we left the beach on an already hot 9 am start. The big ferries had just departed for La Gomera, La Palma, and El Hierro as we headed out past the marker buoys looking back to see the mountains of Arona and Adeje rising up. Along the coast we could see the distinctive landmarks of Playa de Las Americas.


Over Keel Kayak Tenerife


Slipping into the kayaks was quick and easy, the seat fastenings and life jacket felt secure but not restrictive so we were able to enjoy 360 degree views with ease. I had seen the fish farms from the walking tracks on Guaza Mountain but they looked huge as we drew closer. Whatever you think of their good and bad points the cages are a magnet to wildlife and a small boat was dropping feed and it was like a silent dinner gong to many species.


Over Keel Kayak, Tenerife


Seagulls wheeled overhead and those teaming shoals of fish were weaving a fascinating ballet but the big guns were just arriving as small groups of dolphin and whale fins breached the calm sea. They didn’t seem to mind our presence, the dolphins in particular flicked their way between the cluster of cages in search of easy pickings and at one point they seemed to be playing as they slapped their tails on the water. Our guides Pier and Martin kept a close eye on us and offered any steering or technical advice needed but we didn’t need much, the kayaks were easy to control and the lightweight oars were easy to use.


Over Keel Kayak Tenerife


After enjoying nature’s show we started to make our way back to the beach, stopping to have a sneaky peak at a few interesting large boats moored up on the way. The beaches were springing into life as sun beds and shades gained occupants, I was taking little stops out to stretch back in my kayak to test the water with my toes, what a relaxing feeling. Time had flown but our two hours on the water left us buzzing with our special way of saying good morning to Tenerife nature.

Over Keel Kayak Tenerife, Los Cristianos Pier; (+34) 640 075 882; daily 9 am to 6 pm; one hour individual €20, 2 hours individual €25; 1 hour double kayak €25 per person , 2 hours double €30 per person; group & resident discounts, under six years (accompanied) free.

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