Museum Of Science & the Cosmos Has Universal Appeal

Sat, May 14th, 2011 - By Colin

You only have to mention science or space to youngsters and you have their attention, even better if you can let them loose among 100 interactive displays and exhibits. That’s just part of the attraction of the Museo de la Ciencia y El Cosmos that has made it a magnet for enquiring minds since it opened 18 years ago in La Laguna.

School parties bring the large open plan building to life but the large sky blue radio telescope dish perched on the roof awakens adult curiosity in equal measure. The brow of the hill leading into La Laguna is a real convergence of different styles and eras, the sleek modern tram stops outside the museum just past a large statue of a Guanche warrior and the roof plaza is named after legendary local engineer Agustín de Betancourt who was born just over 250 years ago. In later life Betancourt moved to Russia and eventually had an asteroid named after him – see there is an order to the universe.

Inside the museum you can tinker with displays about light and gravity, learn about space exploration, find out more about the observatories in Tenerife and La Palma, or browse the frequently changing themed exhibitions. It’s all very informal, not like those rigid school trips from years ago, and there are monthly observatory sleep-over parties for the kids and science fiction film shows followed by discussion groups.

If you want something a bit different take the Cosmic Tour and get beamed to other planets with just the aid of headphones, 3D glasses and some cheesy but fun special effects. Like most things in this museum the guides are in a choice of languages, just lay back in a reclining seat plug your earphones in and enjoy the planetarium show. The guide to the solar system is another of the most memorable parts of this well thought out and fun museum.

If things that flash, twirl, glow, rotate and make weird noises are at the centre of your universe, the Science and Cosmos museum won’t disappoint. The information is laid out well and they continually update and add extra events to involve and stimulate young and not-so-young minds.

Museo de la Ciencia y EL Cosmos, Avenida de los Menceyes, La Laguna; tram stop – Museo de la Ciencia Y El Cosmos; (0034) 922 315 265;

open Tues to Sun 9am to 7pm; entry: adults,  3 euros, children 1.50 (free on Sundays); pay with Bono bus ticket for 50% discount; planetarium, one euro extra – book on arrival.

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