Masca Deep And Teide High With Tamaran Jeep Safari on Tenerife

Mon, January 26th, 2015 - By Colin

A slipper, a dog, a giant’s head, and even a swan; we all had our own ideas of the volcanic formations 2,700 metres up in Teide National Park. It’s all about perspectives and our Tamaran Jeep Safari was giving us plenty of browsing time to assess the moods and wonders of Tenerife.

Our nine jeep convoy converged in Playa de Las Americas from pick up points around the south and west coast and we were reallocated by language. I was comfortably settled in one of three Toyota Land Cruiser Defender’s for English speakers as we set off up through Buzanada and Valle San Lorenzo.


Jeep Safari,crater, Teide National Park, Tenerife


Our first viewing stop was the La Centinela mirador with fabulous views over Arona on a crisp, sunny morning. Our driver Colin fired our imaginations with plenty of background facts and then gave us ample time to survey and photograph our setting.

Our convoy threaded its way up to Vilaflor as pine forests marched ahead up the hillside. A short break at La Paz café on the top edge of the village and we were driving up through the cloud layer into the crystal clear air below the sharp blue sky. The roads tightened as we entered Teide National Park where the copper tinged some rocks green and iron added a red hue to others. A lay-by stop brought us up close to the Zapatilla de la Reina (the Queen’s Slipper) and across the road we could just pick out the island of La Palma through the cotton wool clouds.


Zapitilla de la Reina, Teide National Park, Tenerife


Nature has a sense of showmanship and the next stop in the volcanic crater gave us the full glory of the park. The gnarled finger of Roque Cinchado and the surrounding formations gave way to the volcanic plain like a lunar landscape. We had nearly an hour here to admire and then make our way to the Parador visitor centre where the jeeps were waiting for us. Mount Teide stood proud with just a dusting of snow but as we drove down the east side it became much cooler and the snow encroached further down the other side of the peak.


Jeep Safari, Parador, Teide National Park, Tenerife


By the time we stopped at the mirador at Chirche, overlooking the west coast, we were glad we had extra layers tucked in our bags. The food stop was next at Vista Guama above Tamaimo. Set menus could be ordered for 9 euros but they were happy for people to eat their packed lunches if they bought a drink.

Refreshed we headed up to Santiago del Teide and the corkscrew road down to the ancient village of Masca. The beauty of the views is unrelenting all the way down the 5 km road, a couple of quick pull ins were met with a flurry of camera clicks. Parked up overlooking the little lanes and jumble of finely perched cottages and restaurants, we were able to stroll down the steep paths between the low-hanging trees and flowers. It may be a magnet for tourists and hikers but the character and charm of Masca clings to the old stone houses and plunging ravine that crawls down to the sea.


Jeep Safari, Masca, Tenerife


Retracing our tyre treads, we emerged back in the modern age and began drop offs at Los Gigantes on the way south. The day had lasted over seven hours and we had packed a lot in without feeling hurried.

Tamaran Jeep Safari Tel 902151807;; Cost via website – Adults €47.03, Children aged 3 to 11 years €23.51, Under 3 free; also Half Day Teide, Full Day La Gomera, VIP Tours.

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