Getting Married on Tenerife

Mon, April 1st, 2013 - By Andrea Montgomery

When spring arrives not so much in a flurry of blossom as an avalanche of snow and all thoughts of standing in your wedding finery beneath a warm sun and blue sky are abandoned to visions of guests trying to smile for the camera through clenched teeth and goose pimples, it’s natural to consider shifting the venue to somewhere tropical. And Tenerife fits the bill beautifully.


wedding venue on Tenerife


Much closer than the Caribbean, there are cheap flights available on a daily basis from across the UK so that friends and family can afford to join you on your special day. With sunshine, blue skies and bare-arms warmth pretty much guaranteed, Tenerife is a very attractive option for a dream, tropical wedding.

Throw into the mix a variety of stunning backdrops, from golden beaches and flowery gazebos by the poolside to dramatic coastlines and tropical gardens, and your wedding photos can be as glamorous as any in the pages of glossy magazines. What’s more, plan to arrive a few days before the ceremony and you can trade that deprived-of-sunlight look for a sun kissed glow.


wedding venue Tenerife


But legally tying the knot in Tenerife is not the most straightforward of processes, particularly if neither of you are resident. A Catholic ceremony will be legally binding but requires enough paper work to destroy a small forest, can take up to six months to process and can cost a tidy sum. Civil weddings between non-residents are not legally binding. Most people choosing to marry in Tenerife will wisely opt for the services of a wedding planner to do the paper trail for them and you’ll find a selection of planners if you search on Google.



An easier and popular option for many people is to hold a quiet civil ceremony in the UK and then to hold a ceremony or blessing on Tenerife so that you get your tropical wedding but without all the hassle. The wedding day itself will set you back considerably less than its UK equivalent, particularly when you consider it’s the honeymoon too. Again, a wedding planner is a useful person to have on the ground to arrange photographer, flowers, hairdresser, wedding cake and all those other details for you.

You’ll find lots of venues right across the island in which to celebrate your special day. Many hotels specialise in weddings including the lovely Costa Adeje Gran Hotel in Costa Adeje and the popular Arona Gran Hotel in Los Cristianos; the classy setting of traditional Canarian with contemporary chic of Hotel San Roque in Garachico; the fabulously kitsch Mare Nostrum Resort in Playa de Las Américas or the fantasy village of Bahia Del Duque in El Duque; the luxurious Hotel Botánico in Puerto de la Cruz and equally luxurious Roca Nivaria in Playa Paraiso and the über opulent Abama Hotel in Playa San Juan.



For something a little different, you can also opt to get married on a luxury yacht, in private gardens such as the Franchy Gardens in La Orotava or in the pretty model village of Pueblo Chico in Puerto de la Cruz.

Wedding cake photo by Shelley Panzarella

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8 Responses to “Getting Married on Tenerife”

  1. Colin Kirby says:

    My friends had a Gibraltar wedding after being tied up in paper work to marry here. Maybe the government and Tourism Department should look at making it much easier and use it as a new angle for tourism.

  2. Phil Crean says:

    As a photographer who has photographed lots of weddings, big and small, here on this wonderful island of Tenerife I have to agree with this post. This is a superb place to tie the knot and your photos will definitely have a lush tropical look.
    Phil Crean.

  3. As a wedding planner in Tenerife it is a shame it is not easier to get married on this lovely island. However we do have many couples choosing to have the legal marriage in the UK or their home country and then come to Tenerife for a non legal ceremony still with all the excitement, romance and the perfect memories every couple should wish for. There are some wonderful locations here in Tenerife and yes Phil has been there to capture a few of them.

  4. Hazel says:

    I can understand why they aren’t making it easier to get married there….. it’s a beautiful island that’s already being taken over by tourists who are promoting the construction of great, big, hideous holiday-package hotels, tacky tourist-aimed shops and british/american style food. My fiance is from there and (thankfully) lives in a fairly tourist-free area. Maybe people should think a bit about Tenerife culture, cuisine, history, language and customs before jumping off there to have a wedding in-fitting with their own culture and in their own language. Little countries need to keep their culture alive and this isn’t helped by people who marry there for the ‘look’ and the photos, but not for the rich cultural heritage. If people want to marry there, I suggest they live there for a while and connect to the island which in turn makes the paperwork slightly easier. Oh and learning the language helps too.

  5. We have the perfect climate in Tenerife for weddings, nearly 360 days of sunshine.
    The “red tape ” needs to be lifted.
    The tourist board are throwing away thousands of euros every year by allowing couples to seek accommodation in Hotels in other countries who will allow legal wedding. ceremonies.

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