Making Plans For Puerto de la Cruz

Mon, December 16th, 2013 - By Andrea Montgomery

For the past ten years Tenerife has been investing heavily in upgrading its image and its facilities, but almost exclusively in the south of the island, and more specifically, in Costa Adeje, Playa de Las Américas and Los Cristianos.
Well now it’s the turn of the island’s first, and still completely authentic resort of Puerto de la Cruz.


Newlty pedestrianised Calle Marquinez, Puerto de la Cruz


Over the last decade and with some very noticeable exceptions, Puerto’s hotels have been on a downward slide, particularly compared to the flash new hotels of the south and south west. Despite the elegant luxury of Hotel Botánico, Puerto’s only five star hotel, the award winning services and facilities of Hotel Tigaiga and the hilltop comfort and style of Hotel Las Aguilas, many of the resort’s most traditional hotels are in need of a style update at best and a complete makeover in some cases.


San Telmo, Puerto de la Cruz


Now there are plans afoot for Puerto which include the renovation of 7,833 hotel beds, that’s almost 37% of all the beds in the resort, and the creation of 329 additional beds. The plan will be known as ‘Nosolocamas‘, which translates as ‘not just beds’. Over the next three years, 30 hotels will be involved in major renovations and improvements to help to reposition the town and to give it the profile it deserves.

Part of a Plan de Méjora y Modernización (plan for modernisation and improvement) for the town, a consortium of local and island government, hoteliers, financiers, tour operators and tourism businesses are looking to re-focus the resort in a new initiative to be known as  Puerto de la Cruz Experience. With the help of an injection of 32.5 million Euros, the town has already made significant improvements and there are further plans afoot to complement the work with the hotels.


San Telmo, Puerto de la Cruz


The bus station which has lain empty for years, awaiting the funding to modernise it and make it safe, has been allocated €750,000 in the new phase of improvements in order to create an underground car park and commercial space. The façade of buildings along San Telmo will be getting a facelift to complement the controversial plans to improve the wall alongside the walkway and €27,000 is to be used to create a permanent exhibition dedicated to the works of César Manrique in the Lago Martiánez swimming pool complex which was designed by the great man himself.


Lago Martianez, Puerto de la Cruz


The plans all sound very promising and long overdue as poor Puerto has played Cinderella to the south of the island for quite long enough. I just hope the hoteliers and renovation teams take note of some of the best practice in modern hotel design and don’t simply give a new coat of paint to some of the museum pieces that currently pass for hotel rooms in the resort. Vamos a ver (we’ll see), as they say here.

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  1. Richard says:

    As Puerto was the original holiday resort, these renovations will place it back as the premier holiday town not only in Tenerife but for the whole Canary Islands.

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