Los Cristianos Gives Thanks And Parties For The Virgen del Carmen

Mon, August 13th, 2012 - By Colin

Times and the harbour of Los Cristianos may change but for the fishing community one thing remains constant, their affinity with the sea and its patron saint the Virgen del Carmen. That’s why the annual celebrations, centred around the first Sunday in September, are such an important cultural landmark in this proud Tenerife resort.

Statue Virgen Del Carmen, Los Cristianos


Just by the corner of the old beach and the quayside you will see a shrine decked in flowers with a small statue of the Virgen del Carmen inside. This is a scale model of a 600 kilo life size statue by Juan Carlos Martin Diaz that was sunk 40 metres down in the bay in 2005. The large statue now blesses the boats as they pass overhead.

The stage will rise as the car parking area next to the Valdes Centre becomes the Recinto Ferial, this will be the focal point for music and dance. Other events will spill out onto the beach and quayside, dancing will go well into the early hours and there are always fireworks on a lavish scale.

Saturday 25 August, 6pm to midnight
Culturjoven 2012 –  Youth will be to the fore with a climbing tower, paintball, human bar football, break dancing and much more. Followed by live music and dancing from Orchestra Wamampy and Ray Castellano.

Thursday 30 August, 9pm
First round of Gala election of the Young Queen in honour of the Virgen del Carmen.

Friday 31 August, 6pm – Plaza del Pescadora
Battle of the MC’s – a minute each for young rappers.
8pm –  Rock On A Summers Night – local bands good enough to get the fisherwoman’s statue to dance.
9pm – Recinto Ferial, Gala election of the Young Queen in honour of the Virgen del Carmen.
11pm – Recinto Ferial, Grand dance to Orchestra Sensacion Gomera.

Saturday 1st September, 10.30 – Los Cristianos old beach
Childrens games and football tournament.
3pm – Foam Party
4pm – Plaza del Pescadora, tasting and sale of Canarian wines, cheese, and teas.
9pm – Recinto Ferial, Gala election of the Senior Queen in honour of the Virgen del Carmen.
11pm – Grand dance with Orchestras Maquinaria and Fortaleza.

Sunday 2 September
10.30 – Quayside, Greasy pole, followed by an exhibition of antique cars
12.00 – Las Vistas beach, Release of turtles.
7.30pm – The Virgen del Carmen will head a procession down from the church plaza to the quayside to bless the boats and the fishermans association.
11pm – Los Cristianos old beach, firework tribute to the Virgen del Carmen
11.30pm – Recinto Ferial, Grand dance with Orchestra Sensacion Gomera

Monday 3 September
4pm – Quayside – A ring of decorated fishing boats will gather.
7pm – Plaza del Pescadora – music and dance led by Jincana, and from 10pm a grand dance to close the fiesta.

Fishing boats in Los Cristianos harbour


Just picking out a few highlights, the decoration of the fishing boats is a weekend long labour of love and the barrels and crates of beer taken on board are solely a technical measure to help the ships balance. The release of injured turtles back into the sea (Sun 2 Sept at noon) is great for the children and teaches us all to respect the wealth of sea life around Tenerife.

Releasing turtles into the sea at Los Cristianos


Timings, as always in Tenerife, are very fluid and the music will go on into the early hours of the morning so bring your best boogie legs. And if you need a little encouragement to loosen up, look out for bars and restaurants in the Ruta del Cocteles promotion from 30 August to 20 September, 3 euros for a non alcoholic cocktail or 4 euros for a more potent mix.

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  1. Sonjie Kennington says:

    Canarian teas? Is there such a thing?

  2. Colin Kirby says:

    Just checked back on that, it’s a specialist tea shop called Cabaña del Té that will be offering their range of world teas alongside the Canarian products. Maybe a gap in the market for you Sonjie if you have a huge garden.
    On the plus side the trucks have started arriving at the old car park by the Valdes Centre so it looks like the fair will be back again as an extra attraction for the families.

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