Los Cristianos Changing With The Tides

Fri, March 1st, 2013 - By Colin

From fishing village to busy port and marina, Los Cristianos is constantly evolving but always keeps its respect for the Atlantic Ocean and nature’s ways. Cruise ships are set to become a key part of the future and the harbour wall is bracing itself for a new look.


Los Cristianos harbour


In 2012 new pontoons were installed near the fishermen’s landing area, a more organized system that has allowed more leisure boats to moor up but has added to the increase in costs for the struggling fishing industry. It’s a balancing act that needs to be set just right as fishing has always been the lifeblood of the area long before the noisy neighbours of Playa de Las Americas arrived with the tourism boom. The Plaza del Pescadora is still a focal point and the statue reminds all of the sea’s bounty that can be enjoyed in the local restaurants.


Sea Cloud in Los Cristianos harbour


Last year Sea Cloud was the first modest cruise ship visitor, this year The World is popping by with 550 passengers and Albatross is dropping anchor three times with its 900 passengers enjoying a change from the usual cruise call of Santa Cruz. There has also been an increase in the number of tall mast ships passing through on adventure holidays. The daily ferries of Fred Olsen and Armas add their own colour and majesty as they link Tenerife to La Gomera, El Hierro, and La Palma. Whale and dolphin watching excursions ensure that visitors get the chance to view the open sea round to Palm Mar and westward past Fañabe and Torviscas and the coast of Costa Adeje.


Los Cristianos harbour


A near one million euro project in late 2013 will see the harbour wall strengthened with more of the huge concrete blocks that protect it from the worst ravages of the tides. On the inside of the wall facing town the old peeling mural of whales and dolphins is to be replaced after 10 years with a new equally colourful and informative version as part of a joint project between the port and the University of La Laguna. The new covering will be painted by 100 students from the art faculty and cover a stretch of 2,000 square metres, a new Guiness World Record


Los Cristianos harbour


The Virgin del Carmen, protector of the fishermen is still honoured throughout the year and a life-size statue sunk in the bay blesses boats that pass overhead while a smaller version by the beach is adorned with flowers. Traditions may be changing but Los Cristianos is as important as ever to the development of Arona.

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2 Responses to “Los Cristianos Changing With The Tides”

  1. Lisa says:

    Dear Colin
    We read with interest your article concerning the alterations to the marina in Los Cristianos.
    We are a sailing catamaran 11.5 x 6.32 looking for a berth do you have any idea of the price and availability. Alternatively do you have an email address for the marina.
    Many thanks

  2. Colin Kirby says:

    The port has a website http://www.puertosdetenerife.org although it has an English option it only works for the homepage. You can try the Spanish version at the Tasas Y Tarifas link or email them (they have English speaking staff) [email protected] Happy Sailing

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