Local Drinks to Try in Tenerife

Mon, July 9th, 2012 - By Jack Montgomery

Many people like to tuck into the local food when they go on holiday, but sampling local goodies doesn’t always have to be just about the cuisine. If you fancy going local down the local in Tenerife, here are some suggestions of drinks to try that will make your holiday all the merrier.


Dorada in the Sun, Tenerife

The Local Cerveza – Dorada
Dorada is the beer of choice in Tenerife. It’s sold everywhere from resorts like Costa Adeje to the big city, Santa Cruz. It’s light, refreshing, reasonably cheap and goes down as easily as Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Ale fans might sneer at its weakling flavours but it’s a perfect cerveza for Tenerife’s warm climes. A purer beer from the same stable is Reina which has a bit more flavour.

Tenerife Wine – Class in a Glass
Tenerife has a decent wine industry with bodegas scattered across the island. Generally speaking, southern vineyards are better for white wines and northern ones are better for red. Wines from the Tenerife Norte bodega in Tacoronte near La Laguna tend to be award winners year after year – this year saw their Maceración Carbónica pick up the prize for one of the best young reds in Spain. Monje is also a popular choice but my favourite is El Lomo in Tegueste. However, there are loads to try and wine fairs in El Médano, Puerto de la Cruz and Los Cristianos during the year are ideal for getting to know as many of them as you can.


Vino del Pais, Tenerife

Tenerife Wine – Rough ‘n’ Ready Reds
There is also a cottage industry of wine producers on Tenerife. In towns like Santa Ursula, La Orotava and Los Realejos you’ll come across signs proclaiming ‘se vende vino’ (wine for sale). These wines aren’t as smooth as the ones from the main bodegas but they’ve got an attractive and honest earthiness and they’re often potent. If you’re not planning on venturing into the hills look out for signs for ‘vino del país’ in traditional bars and restaurants if you fancy a taste.

Cocktails – Go Cuban
There are any number of  cocktails available in Tenerife’s bars but if you want to go local, go Cuban and order a mojito; a too-easy-to-drink mix of rum, lime juice, soda water, sugar and mint. The Cuban influence in Tenerife goes back centuries so mojitos count as a local tipple. They’re best tried in one of the island’s Cuban bars like Azucar in Puerto de la Cruz.


Mojito Stall, Tenerife

Spirits – The Carnival Combinado
A combinado is a spirit and mixer. The most popular mix at fiestas is rum and coke and supermarkets sell ready made packs of Arehucas rum and coke at carnival time. Alternatively you can buy combinados cheaply at kiosks during fiestas. Treat these with caution; measures are very, very generous.

A Taste of Honey Rum
In traditional restaurants diners are often offered a chopito at the end of a meal. This is usually a glass of ron de miel (honey rum). It’s one of those drinks that tastes so delicious you have to buy a bottle to take home… and then it remains in your cupboard for years afterwards.

Whatever you end up trying, remember to toast like a local – ¡Salud!

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