Las Galletas: Tenerife South’s Hidden Gem

Fri, July 8th, 2011 - By Linda

When I announced that we were coming to live in Tenerife my friend, Fran, told me that she hated the bright lights, but vacationed regularly in a small village called Las Galletas. We explored the big names first, sussing out the best beaches in Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos, and it was a while before I found out just where this village was.

It’s right next to Costa del Silencio, but Las Galletas, somehow, has avoided becoming over-hyped. It still has a slightly sleepy atmosphere, despite a very impressive revamp in recent years.

In our first months of living here, we stayed on the Golf del Sur resort, and Las Galletas, once we discovered it, was only about 20 minutes drive away, so it become a popular Sunday destination for us. Along the promenade fish bars and restaurants were lined up just waiting for us to shuffle off the beach at the end of the afternoon, and finish the day with traditional fish and papa arrugadas, as we watched the sunset. These days the eateries boast more variety, including a great ice cream parlor, but some of the original ones remain.

Over the years we’ve seen more and more boats anchor in the safety of the bay, and just a couple of years ago a complete modernization of the harbour was completed. It now rivals just about any small, pleasure marina I’ve seen, with daily excursions of whale and dolphin spotting boats and catamarans, and many private yachts and boats. More bars and restaurants are dotted along its length, offering great views with your meal.

The pebble beach remains pretty much the same as ever. It isn’t golden sands, but it is quite comfy, and popular with local families on the weekend, just as it was for us years ago. Around the beach the waters are quite shallow and calm, protected as they are by the harbour wall on two sides and the coastline on another, making it safer for children.

Despite the upgrading of the marina, traditional fishing boats still ply their trade, and if you are there early in the morning, you will find the stalls laden with the fresh catches of the day. I confess to not knowing about that until I began diving. That was when Las Galletas came back into my life. Divers like the early morning calm, and the bay is ideal for learning, whilst just offshore lies one of the island’s most popular dive sites, where rays and eels are almost always seen, and a friendly turtle is practically a permanent resident. It’s also just a short journey along the coast to Montaña Amarilla, another popular spot. You’ll also find a small sailing school at one end of the beach.

If you are staying in the upmarket Costa Adeje area, then Las Galletas can make a pleasant change, somewhere more traditional to visit without leaving coast and beaches.  It’s less than a half hour away. From Golf del Sur, El Médano or San Miguel it’s even closer, and you don’t even have to get there by motorway. Whether you go to dive or to linger after an excursion, you’ll find a taste of the “real” Tenerife in Las Galletas, as Fran told me all those years ago.

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