Las Galletas To El Medano, Another Priceless Coastal Walk

Mon, October 22nd, 2012 - By Colin

A further 7.8 million euros has just been pledged by the Tenerife government to further improve coastal paths from Santiago del Teide, through Guia de Isora, Adeje, and Arona. It’s enough to make you jump with joy – or better still walk at a leisurely pace starting on the eastern edge of Arona at Las Galletas and on to El Medano in Granadilla de Abona.

Costa del Silencio


This is one of the longest stretches so feel free to opt in and out, in common with much of these walks, regular Titsa public buses shadow the route. How about an early start in Las Galletas, the fishing village has much to admire, skirting round the edge of Costa del Silencio the early holiday developments are contrasted by the small rugged coves oblivious to the years.

Westhaven Bay lives up to its pretty name, the sea has carved out wild patterns in the rocks, an open invitation to fishermen wanting to catch solitude as much as anything else. Montaña Amarilla promises a yellow mountain and delivers in style, the flecks of colour are set off by the dark blue sea stroking the pebble beach. Nature deserves a little hand at this point and it is designated as a protected area, divers have been given limited access to enjoy the Grey Triggerfish, Lime Urchin and their many friends identified on information boards.

Montaña Amarilla


The yellow mountain isn’t for chickens, it’s a steep but rewarding climb for sweeping views of the coast. On the other side a gentle pebble beach has lots of nice resting points to admire the teeming rock pools. Amarilla Golf and Golf del Sur run down to the next stretch of coast, their well maintained greens and fairways encourage bird life to encroach in from the rocks and the man made San Blas marina beyond has also found a nice balance with nature.

Time to get some sand between your toes as you climb up and over to the ironically named Playa Grande on the edge of Los Abrigos. This fishing village is worth a visit in its own right, compact, beautiful and with a delicious selection of fish restaurants where the catch of the day almost leaps onto your plate. A farewell to Los Abrigos is a hello to Montaña Roja, even from a distance the red mountain is imposing and the shades of red can look different on each visit depending on weather and distance. It’s possible to follow the main road into El Medano past the camp site but more fun to trudge down to the long beaches and the narrow path around the old banana plantations.

Los Abrigos


Keep your eyes peeled as birds of all feathers flock together along this stretch of coast, some like the Whimbrel call by on their way from South America. Once near the base of the mountain you might want to blindfold Aunt Matilda as La Tejita beach is a haven for nudists. A network of trails give you a choice to climb up to the summit of Montaña Roja for another great vantage point, or you can walk on and into the town of El Medano enjoying the kite and board surfers that flock here all year round.

Montaña Roja


If you sign up for the full walk it will take a good five hours plus, El Medano was made for chilling out so there is that reward but there’s no shame in doing this walk in two visits.

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