Lapping It Up At Karting Club Tenerife

Wed, April 10th, 2013 - By Colin

In my mind I was James Hunt, Damon Hill, and Jenson Button rolled into one but to anyone watching I was probably more like Doris Dawdle on a Sunday afternoon jaunt. I was a little in awe of the 1,200 metre track at Karting Club Tenerife but loving the feel of speed and power as I guided my 400cc Super Kart Special around the 13 bends.


Karting Club Tenerife


Situated 10 minutes from Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos at Parque de la Reina the expansive track and grandstand are one of the first sights greeting arrivals from Tenerife South airport. The set up is impressive with two tracks, one just for juniors, and six different types of kart tailored to different age groups. You’re never too young to enjoy the thrill of racing, under fives can start in a Biplaza Kart alongside an adult.


Karting Club Tenerife


Strapping on my helmet in the pits area and easing out to the main track I could feel the adrenalin pumping. The brake and accelerator responded well to my commands, I was cautious but felt my confidence building with each bend I rounded. The track was plenty wide enough for passing and had lots of safety tyres and a low grass verge to ensure safety if I overcooked a turn. When I finished my seven laps I was handed a print out with my lap times and a list of the top 30 times for the day, all part of the service from the giant electronic board that also informs friends and spectators up on the grandstand tier.


Karting Club Tenerife


I was buzzing when I pulled back into the pits, exhilarating gives you a hint of how good it feels. Many visitors add a more competitive edge as part of a group for birthdays, stag and hen parties, or a family challenge. The grandstand is a good place to wind down afterwards, the long bar cafeteria has a Grand Prix simulator and a large Scalextric track and the tiered terrace gives panoramic views of all the racing circuit and views up to the mountains and down to the sea.


Karting Club Tenerife


The free pick up bus makes getting there easy but they also have free parking if you have hired a car. If you get the racing bug when you’re on Tenerife and want to make several trips to the track they have saver cards with big discounts for five or ten visits. The front row of the Grand Prix grid wont be losing any sleep over my skills but my times improved with each lap and that was enough to add a little swagger to my day.

Karting Club Tenerife; Carretera del Chó, Autopista del Sur, TF1 Exit 25; Tel (0034)  922730703; open daily from 10 am to 8 pm; 12 laps of the junior circuit –  Biplaza (aged under 5 with adult) 14 euros. Pony (6 to 9 years) 10 euros, Cadete (10 to 14 years)  15 euros; 7 laps of the senior circuit – competition (15 to 17 years) 18 euros, Super Kart (18 and over) 22 euros; Super Kart Special (18 and over) 30 euros

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